Call of the Arbiter – Episode 1 Overview

Published On: May 31, 2023

Join us on an enthralling journey with Galek as we delve into the captivating events of Call of the Arbiter Episode 1!

Before we proceed, a word of caution: Massive spoilers lie ahead for Call of the Arbiter Episode 1. If you haven’t watched it yet, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and experience it firsthand!

Episode 1:

The episode commences with Arbiter, urgently reaching out to Galek, hoping he will respond. We are taken to Galek, who commands an orc army set on reclaiming what they consider ‘their land’ from human inhabitants.

Amidst a blazing town, orcs mercilessly slaughter men, women, and children. Galek and Artak lead the siege, yet Galek seems haunted by the violence and brutality unfolding before him.

While exploring the town, Galek stumbles upon a small wooden horse toy beside a deceased child. Picking it up, regret fills his eyes. Suddenly, Arbiter appears, surrounded by a gentle blue light, and speaks to him, urging him to remember who he truly is. Then, as quickly as she came, she vanishes into thin air.

Galek catches up with his father, Artak, who justifies their actions as reclaiming what rightfully belongs to the orcs, “whatever it takes.” Artak points to a captive couple and their infant child, accused of leading the human resistance and causing countless orc deaths through the generations. Artak brutally executes the man before his family’s eyes, and when the woman and child plead for mercy, Artak insists they, too, must stand trial for their alleged crimes.

Disturbed by this scene, Galek takes up the role of executioner reluctantly. As the woman and baby cry out to him, Galek hesitates, and with determination, he swings his axe, killing two orcs instead. When Artak questions his actions, Galek responds firmly, “making a choice.”

Defying his father, Galek rescues the woman and child, escaping across the rooftops while evading arrows from the orc army. Unfortunately, during the escape, Galek gets hit and falls, but he manages to protect the baby from the impact. Despite his injuries, he continues to flee, finally reaching the docks where a boat awaits. Galek places the child safely in the boat, but his father, Artak, arrives, expressing disbelief that all this is for a human child and disowning him.

An epic showdown between Galek and his father unfolds, with Galek ultimately triumphing and boarding the boat. As he tries to sail away, Artak grabs the boat and rope, attempting to prevent Galek’s escape. In a moment of desperation, Galek severs his father’s grip, and they drift apart. Galek and the child set sail into the distance, and to comfort the crying baby, he gives them the wooden horse he found earlier.

The story fast-forwards to a snowy scene, where a grand religious edifice floats atop a distant star. Galek places the child on the doorstep, tucks the wooden horse beside them, and knocks on the door before disappearing.

A woman, resembling Godseeker Aniri and bearing a large scar across her face, wearing robes and a chainmail headpiece, opens the door. She picks up the child and takes them inside, closing the door marked with the emblem of the Sacred Order.

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