Call of the Arbiter – Episode 2 Overview

Published On: June 2, 2023

Embark on an exciting journey as we revisit the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 2, following the adventures of Athel!

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Important note: The content below contains significant spoilers for Call of the Arbiter Episode 2. Proceed with caution!

Episode 2:

The episode opens with the Arbiter once again reaching out, but this time her call is directed to Athel…

The scene shifts to a magnificent city featuring a grand religious edifice, where Athel and her friend, Inquisitor Shamael, are engaged in training. Despite her efforts, Athel loses the spar, and Inquisitor Shamael helps her up. However, their interaction is interrupted by Godseeker Aniri, who appears displeased and calls for Athel.

Athel finds herself in Godseeker Aniri’s office, facing reprimands for possessing forbidden tomes in her chambers, considered heretical beliefs in the religious doctrine.

During the lecture, a page from one of the forbidden tomes falls to the floor, and Athel discreetly hides it under her shoe. When she glances at the page, she notices it glowing in the same blue hue as the Arbiter in Episode 1, drawing a connection between the two events.

Godseeker Aniri sentences Athel to solitary confinement, with only a bench, an obstructed window, and a large cross, instructing her to pray for absolution.

While in solitude, Athel examines the hidden page, which shows the Arbiter’s image. Inquisitor Shamael later scales the building to bring her food, advising her to abandon whatever actions led to her confinement. After Shamael departs, Athel hears whispers emanating from the glowing page and touches it, transporting herself to the mysterious “lost library.”

In the lost library, she encounters the Arbiter once again, suspended in the same blue glow. The Arbiter reveals that the truth once known by the Sacred Order has been forgotten and urges Athel to seek it, declaring it her purpose. Upon returning to her cell, Athel discovers a new blue glowing tattoo on her hand.

The narrative shifts to Athel and Shamael sparring again, but this time Athel emerges victorious, displaying enhanced strength and skill, clearly outperforming her previous abilities.

Subsequently, we find Athel alone on the bridge, engrossed in the same forbidden tomes. Inquisitor Shamael arrives and accuses her of using dark magic to improve her skills. Athel refutes the claim, explaining that her newfound abilities are not magic but the truth. She recounts the origin of the Sacred Order, created to combat evil, and the role of Lumaya in creating the Arbiter to lead them towards the light.

Shamael notices the glowing tattoo on her hand and accuses her of changing. They spar once more before parting ways.

Later, Athel prepares to leave and packs her belongings, including a significant wooden horse, reminiscent of Episode 1.

As she attempts to sneak out, she is caught by guards who remind her of her oath to the Covenant and the severe penalty for desertion – death. In the ensuing struggle, Athel fights the guards but is eventually overpowered. However, Inquisitor Shamael intervenes at the last moment, saving her from a fatal blow.

United, Athel and Shamael confront the guards, and in a moment of desperation, Athel’s hand marking and eyes start to glow, and she unleashes a rain of weapons, reminiscent of her in-game ability – Divine Blades.

Athel manages to escape, and she invites Shamael to join her, but he declines, believing this to be her path, not his, and warns her to be cautious as the Godseeker will be after her. As the episode concludes, Athel disappears into the night.

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