Call of the Arbiter – Episode 3 Overview

Published On: June 8, 2023

Join us as we delve into the captivating events of Call of the Arbiter Episode 3, following the adventure of Kael!

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Important note: The content below contains significant spoilers for Call of the Arbiter Episode 3. Proceed with caution!

Episode 3:

Just like the previous episodes, we begin with the Arbiter calling out to one of the four starter champions, this time summoning Kael. Unlike before, however, this entire episode is narrated by Arbiter herself. A copy of her narration can be found at the bottom.

The scene is set with two islands, one flourishing and beautiful, the other scorched and destroyed. A Dark Elf army besieges a castle, facing resistance from a High Elf army led by Queen Eva. Amidst the battle, both sides agree to a peace negotiation, with Queen Eva leading the talks.

In Queen Eva’s chambers, Elhain, Queen Eva’s niece, shows her a book that suggests the Dark Elves and High Elves may not be as different as believed. Queen Eva advises her to keep it secret.

The conclave begins with High Elves and Dark Elves sitting around a split round table, divided by their races. Tensions rise, and peace seems unreachable until Elhain speaks up, presenting a better solution. Despite mockery from the others, including those who dismiss her as the heir apparent, Kael seems genuinely moved by her ideas.

Together, Kael and Elhain venture to a breathtaking cave in the mountains, adorned with moss-covered statues and a central waterfall. The cave’s walls bear drawings that depict a harmonious relationship between the two races.

They repeatedly visit the cave, uncovering its secrets, and over time, they fall in love, their intimacy implied. During one of their visits, they find a gem shaped like a spearhead, and when they join hands on the gem, it glows and splits in two.

They agree to meet again at the cave during the next conclave. Kael keeps his promise, waiting for days, but Elhain never arrives. In frustration and a sense of betrayal, he screams while clutching his half of the gem, which emits a pink light, forming a ring outside the cave.

Filled with anguish, Kael dedicates himself to becoming the best Dark Elf he can be, practicing dark magic within the cave, inadvertently destroying it. He rips off his necklace, throwing it aside, and returns to the army.

Years pass, and the two races are at war once again, unable to reach a peace agreement. The Dark Elves launch a preemptive strike to demonstrate their newfound strength, led by Kael.

They encounter and defeat Royal Guards along the way. As Kael enters Queen Eva’s chambers, he is surprised to find Elhain there, not the queen.

A fierce battle ensues between them, but Kael notices the necklace still around Elhain’s neck. They lock eyes, both breathing heavily, and Kael calls out Elhain’s name longingly.

Arbiter’s Narration:

 “From time immemorial none have escaped the torment of war.

But, hidden deep in the world there is a cure. Cast out from the territories of Aravia, the dark elves sought to reclaim their homeland, but the High Elves had not forgotten that the Dark Elves had fallen from grace.

They still saw a menace that carried with it the influence of evil. After centuries of fighting an armistice was reached. The terms would be discussed at the conclave of the Elves and it would be led by Queen Eva. She wished for her niece to attend so that young Elhain learned something of the world.

Elhain believed that the Dark Elves and the High Elves were more alike than anyone knew. Queen Eva forbade Elhain from sharing her radical notions with the rest of the conclave. The summit devolved into insults and threats. The airing of grievances. Her ideas were ill-received. There was one whom she had stirred with her words, the Dark Elf, Kael, had reason to believe her Elhiain.

Kael showed her that the shadow that stained the Dark Elves could be purified. That her race held the key. They returned to the cave every night. They learned its secret. And each others. They promised each other that when the next conclave was held they would meet in this very place.

True to his word kael returned. Time passed. He waited. And worried. She never came. Perhaps he had been wrong. Perhaps the compassion he had seen in Elhains eyes was yet another deceit. A gambit designed to humiliate him, the way that High Elves always had.

Kael poured himself into the cause of his race. He welded his broken heart shut with power. In the years that passed the peace talks had failed. And now the Dark Elves began a shadow war.

A preemptive strike would announce the new-found strength of the Dark Elves. They would return to their rightful home.

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