Call of the Arbiter – Episode 5 Overview

Published On: June 22, 2023

Join us as we relive the thrilling events of Call of the Arbiter Episode 5, venturing alongside Arbiter herself!

If you haven’t watched it yet, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch the episode to avoid spoilers!

Important note: The content below contains significant spoilers for Call of the Arbiter Episode 5. Proceed with caution!

Episode 5:

This time, the familiar intro has changed. Instead of featuring one of the starter champions, Arbiter’s words now resound: “Four are enough to begin. Champions, it is time you knew me.” The image displayed is that of Arbiter herself.

The scene begins with Arbiter’s helmet perched on the side of a mountain, while Athel stands inside a grand temple where the helmet floats in the center. As Athel reaches for the helmet, she realizes it’s booby-trapped. Swiftly, she deflects the trap and tries to grab the helmet, but Kael attacks her.

A heated fight ensues between Kael and Athel, both vying to possess Arbiter’s helmet. Elhain intervenes to assist Kael, and Galek steps in to halt Kael’s advances with a flaming axe. Elhain then fires at Athel, pushing her back dangerously close to the edge of the platform. Fortunately, Galek saves Athel from falling, though she seems not to recognize him, having been just a baby when they last saw each other.

The four heroes once again make a grab for the helmet. Just as Kael and Athel come close to seizing it, Arbiter appears, slowing down the scene, and projecting her ethereal blue self from afar.

Arbiter launches into a monologue, depicting a great war featuring both familiar and lesser-known champions, culminating in a battle against Bad-el-Kazar.

Returning to the fighting heroes, they are knocked back by the helmet’s energy. In the midst of the standoff, they point their weapons at each other. However, the ethereal form of Arbiter reappears, and they direct their aim towards her instead. Arbiter urges them to find her armor, shield, and sword, promising great power and a chance to resurrect her for a united fight against darkness.

Arbiter floats the helmet toward Athel and encourages them all to work together. The four champions exchange looks, uniting as a force with a common purpose.

Arbiters Monologue:

“I once had a question, I wondered if there were any beings alive who could see things as they really are. Ones who would keep the universe from falling apart.

Long have I searched. I will show you why. From where does evil originate? Are good and evil present in every moment?

With each passing second offering a new choice between light and dark, it gets harder and harder to distinguish the light from the dark. A black stain has seeped into the soul of the world. Corrupting it. Now the darkness rises. It must be resisted.

Few are left to answer the call. Long ago, I was charged with bringing light into this world. Each time that I have come to fight the darkness a great toll has been taken. And now I fear that to appear in this world costs too much.

That is why I have chosen you. But you will not be alone. Vested in my armor my sword, my shield, is a power far greater than any darkness, find these and I shall return to the world again to stand with you. To light the spark that will cast out the darkness.

Stand with me. Stand together. “

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