Call of the Arbiter – Episode 6 Overview

Published On: June 27, 2023

Join us as we revisit the thrilling events of Call of the Arbiter Episode 6, where Jizoh becomes part of the team!

If you haven’t watched it yet, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch the episode to avoid spoilers!

Important note: The content below contains significant spoilers for Call of the Arbiter Episode 6. Proceed with caution!

Episode 6:

The episode begins with Arbiter instructing her heroes to “find the guide in irons,” as “he knows the way,” with a picture of Jizoh on the screen.

The first scene unfolds in a grand castle, where guards drag Jizoh in, and he vehemently protests his innocence as they cruelly sever his right hand.

The screen fades to black and then resets with Jizoh now imprisoned in a jail cell. There, he engages in conversation with a mysterious character named Tatsu, a new champion in the game.

Jizoh narrates his story of how he ended up in this situation. He had a muse who was a lady of the high court, and their friendship was viewed as troublesome by the Banner Lords. As a result, they took away his hand and imprisoned him.

Tatsu advises Jizoh to take cover as the cell door is blown off, and Galek and Athel enter the cell.

Athel shows Jizoh a picture of Arbiter’s bodice and asks for his help to find it. Initially skeptical, Jizoh questions why he should trust a human. In response, Athel points to a drawing Jizoh made of the Arbiter on the cell wall and says, “she sent us.” Convinced, Jizoh agrees to lead them.

Tatsu is also freed, and before leaving the prison, she touches Jizoh’s drawing of the Arbiter and cryptically states, “It seems we will meet again, friend. Our destinies are intertwined.”

The scene transitions to Jizoh guiding Galek and Athel through the sewers, but he insists on acquiring a weapon first. Galek attaches a blade to the stump of Jizoh’s missing hand, forging his well-known weapon.

Athel attempts to squash a spider that has joined them, ignoring Jizoh’s warning. The action angers the spiders, and they are swarmed by a countless number of spiderlings. Fleeing for their lives, Athel gets entangled in a web, but Galek saves her by creating a fire. They escape into a chamber, and Galek seals the entrance to gain some respite.

Jizoh informs them that Arbiter’s bodice lies here. The chamber is dangerous, with dripping ichor from the ceiling. Skavag, a formidable foe, appears, and the trio engages in a fierce battle. While Athel deals with the spiderlings, Galek and Jizoh defeat Skavag, with Jizoh landing the final blow. He then climbs the Spider Queen and retrieves Arbiter’s bodice, presenting it to Galek.

Looking at his newly-forged weapon, Jizoh remarks, “It’s no paintbrush, but I can work with this.” Galek warmly smiles and welcomes him to the team.

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