Call of the Arbiter – Episode 7 Overview

Published On: July 3, 2023

Let’s delve into the captivating events of Call of the Arbiter Episode 7, where we meet Gnut for the first time!

If you haven’t watched it yet, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch the episode to avoid spoilers!

Important note: The content below contains significant spoilers for Call of the Arbiter Episode 7. Proceed with caution!

Episode 7:

The episode commences once again with the Arbiter, this time introducing Gnut with the question, ‘You shall meet another, brash and bold, Gnut will you answer the call?’ as his picture appears on the portal.

The scene unfolds with a lively gathering of Dwarves celebrating, feasting on a giant bird spit roast, and immersed in medieval folk music. Gnut, Mountain King, and a young boy sit at the head of the feast, raising tankards in toast and revelry.

The Mountain King toasts to the ‘fearless Gnut,’ and Gnut responds with a toast to ‘tomorrow’s venture,’ while his attention is caught by Maulie, who fills his drink. The merriment continues with dancing and laughter.

The next day, Gnut and his companions prepare to embark on their adventure. Before leaving, he receives encouragement from his father, the Mountain King, and gives some advice to his little brother Samar. The dwarves set off on their journey, singing high-ho along the way.

They eventually arrive at a large cavern adorned with crystals, where Gnut breaks one off, triggering a roar and an intensifying glow of fire from the end of the cavern. Despite the danger, they charge forward, but the scene fades to black.

Afterward, the scene reveals the devastating aftermath—Gnut emerges from the rubble, half of his face burned and traumatized. Kael and Elhain arrive to find most of the dwarves killed, with severe burns sustained by those who survived. Gnut confronts them, questioning why elves are in the ruins of his ancestors. Elhain explains their quest for Arbiter’s shield, which Gnut has seen in the hands of the demon who killed his men. Elhain comforts Gnut, and they agree to cover his escape. Meanwhile, Kael and Elhain head into the chamber to face the Fire Knight.

During the intense battle with the Fire Knight, Kael saves Elhain from a deadly blow. Just as defeat seems imminent, Gnut arrives, ready to avenge his fallen comrades. Empowered by Elhain’s magic, Gnut slays the Fire Knight, allowing Elhain to claim Arbiter’s shield.

Gnut then decides to join their quest, inviting himself onto their all-star team. As they depart, Kael expresses his disdain for dwarves.

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