Call of the Arbiter – Episode 8 Overview

Published On: July 8, 2023

Let’s dive into the thrilling events of Call of the Arbiter Episode 8, where Alure makes her entrance!

If you haven’t watched it yet, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch the episode to avoid spoilers!

Important note: The content below contains significant spoilers for Call of the Arbiter Episode 8. Proceed with caution!

Episode 8:

The episode begins once again with the Arbiter, this time introducing Alure with the question, ‘None are beyond redemption, not even her, Alure will you answer the call?’ as her picture appears on the screen.

We are taken back to Alure’s past when she was a young girl playing in a demonic cavern with her mother, Nazana. Tragedy strikes when a horde of humans invade, leading to Alure’s mother being killed and Alure hanging on the edge of a crumbling ground. Just before falling into the lava below, Alure is saved by Bad-El-Kazar. He promises to make her strong, and together, they fight the humans and escape.

In the present, Gnut, Kael, and Elhain are fighting the Demon Lord (Clan Boss), but things take a dangerous turn when Elhain is separated from the group due to falling debris. She ends up in another part of the chamber, where she discovers Arbiter’s sword. Alure, now all grown up, appears, and they engage in a fierce battle.

Elhain struggles to stay on the edge of the chasm, just like Alure in her past, but manages to warn Alure about the sword’s curse. Gnut and Kael arrive to save Elhain, but Alure escapes with Arbiter’s sword. Elhain realizes that Alure is serving Bad-El-Kazar, and he will be the one possessing the artifact.

Alure brings the sword to Bad-El-Kazar, who praises her for wielding Arbiter’s sword. However, as Alure unsheathes it, the symbols on the hilt flash, and she falls to the ground in pain. Bad-El-Kazar reveals that he knew of the curse, and Alure is left in agony as he walks away with the sword.

The episode concludes on an intense note, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

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