Clan Boss Team: Troubleshooting Problems

Published On: June 15, 2023

The Clan Boss is undeniably one of the most crucial aspects of RAID gameplay. However, many players struggle with building the perfect team to defeat this formidable opponent. Despite attempting to replicate strategies from popular YouTubers, they often find themselves unable to achieve the same level of success.

In this guide, we will address common issues encountered when assembling Clan Boss teams and provide troubleshooting tips to overcome them.

Finding Unkillable Teams

When it comes to discovering an Unkillable team, is undoubtedly the best resource available. The website features a comprehensive speed tune list that provides detailed instructions for each team, and furthermore we have the Clan Boss calculator, allowing you to create speed tunes or evaluate existing teams. By leveraging this valuable information, you can replicate a team that suits your needs.

Verifying the Speed Tune

When utilising a speed tune, it is crucial to carefully read the accompanying notes provided on the website. These notes serve as a guide, highlighting important considerations. By scrolling down the webpage, you will find the actual speed tune. It is recommended to use the speed tune view on the website as it presents a visual representation of the intended execution. You can observe the number of hits that should occur between each Clan Boss hit, displayed from left to right.

A common reason for failure with an unkillable team is missing a single speed value on a champion. To troubleshoot this issue, compare both the original and new copies of your team.

Masteries & Skills

Masteries can impact unkillable teams, so it is crucial to pay attention to them. Rapid Response and Arcane Celerity are the most common masteries that can affect unkillable teams. These masteries have a random chance to increase turn meter as buffs or debuffs expire. If you have either of these masteries and a specific speed tune for an unkillable team, your turn meter may accumulate, leading to a failed speed tune.

Skills can also influence unkillable teams. Ensure that the skills are booked and that surrounding skills are also booked accordingly. Set the AI to prioritise the unkillable ability in the correct position, as some champions may attempt other skills before using the unkillable skill.

Clan Boss Affinity

The Clan Boss can decrease your speed or exploit spirit affinity, potentially affecting your speed tune. Man Eater is an excellent choice for unkillable teams, as his block debuffs ability can nullify any negative effects, while the unkillable ability lasts for two turns. Some teams require intentionally tanking the stun and directing it to specific targets. It’s important to note that the Clan Boss perceives increased defence as a buff and will focus its attacks on the champion without increased defence. Affinity plays a significant role here, as the Clan Boss will target the weakest affinity for the stun.

Assembling the perfect team to defeat the Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Troubleshooting issues that arise with unkillable teams may be a meticulous process. Refer to both and the HellHades Optimizer to explore viable teams based on your account’s capabilities and aim to reach Ultra Nightmare as soon as possible!

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