Hydra Clash – The Competition is heating up!

Published On: May 24, 2023
Hydra content creator Clash

Round 2 aka Content Creator Clash Semi-final is here, and we have some great match up’s four of the biggest Youtubers for Raid Facing off against each other. The one thing we forgot to mention from the previous article was that the winner of each round can steal a champion from their opponent’s team, if they want to.

Skratch Vs YST

First up is Skratch versus YST and this is going to be a great battle, YST’s team is built to survive and to do a lot of passive damage with Michinaki and Skraank doing most of the damage, and Marichka, Tuhanarak and Sniktraak adding the support necessary to stay alive. Khoronar is the provoker in the team to keep the Head of Decay from cleansing all the debuffs off.

yst hydra creator clash round 2

With a run lasting 47 and a half mins and over doubling his damage from Round 2 it is a very respectable damage number. But is it enough, as Skratch got a higher damage score in the first Round. So only RNG can save YST now.

Skratch was up next to better YST’s damage, and Trunda must have been off doing Leg Day in the Gym!! Because in a surprising move Skratch removed Trunda from his team and replaced her with Taras. Like Trunda, Skratch is Flexing his Champion Muscles. (Taras was stolen from MTG Jedi’s team).

Skratch’s team is simple set up, debuffs nuke reset and repeat, and it worked a treat flying to the Win after just 30 mins. Taras and Supreme Galek with most damage.

skratch hydra creator clash round 2 result

Skratch advances to the Final!

NubRaids Vs HellHades

The Second of the Content Creator Clash Semi-final had the King of Hydra come up against the Powerhouse that is HellHades. NubRaids was up first and the first thing we see is Nubs has stolen Nekmo from OddOnegaming. In his own words this single champion has transformed his team from a good damage team to a monster of a team. With the only team with over 1 epic, albeit they are arguably the two best epics in the game for hydra, Uugo and Shamael.

nubraids hydra creator clash round 2 result

With a run that lasted only 8 mins and 20 seconds the damage number NubRaids achieved is nothing short of a miracle……only joking the run was actually 1 hour, 5 mins and 20 seconds. Why such a long run? NubRaids Manual’ ed the entire battle until the last 10 mins. I feel this team has much more damage potential than shown today.

The Last competitor to battle the Hydra is HellHades, and he has to chase the Highest Damage number achieved by anyone in the entire competition. It is a tall task. HH Brought in Brogni for more Protection and Passive damage. This was the only change to his team from the last round. So does Brogni help HH outscore his previous damage by over 100 mil.

hellhades round 2 hydra creator clash result

A Resounding No is the answer to all the questions we had. One positive is he outscored his previous round, so ultimately bringing in Brogni helps him. But unfortunately, not enough.

NubRaids Advances to the Final

Skratch Vs NubRaids

What a final that will be, Skratch and NubRaids have been the highest damage scorers throughout the entire competition, and they are very deserving of the final place.

Who will prevail in the final? Will it be the New Dad in town, will he use his newfound powers of fatherhood to fire him to the Hydra Clash Champion or will NubRaids have the Luck and fight of the Irish with him as he fights his way to the championship?

There is only one way we will find out.

Tune in to the Final on Thursday May 25 @ 3pm UTC

For more details on the Content Creator Hydra Semi-final follow this link here

Who is your pick for the winner of the Content Creator Clash final? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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