DeadwoodJedi’s Top Cleansing Tips

Published On: June 14, 2022

Today we’re going to cover the basics of selling your artifacts, which are a hugely important part of this game and where the true power of our accounts come from and it’s very important to know what you should be keeping and what you should be selling going forward.

Step 1: Evaluate your account

This step generally consists of understanding what rank gear you can quickly and reliably farm.
There are 4 distinct levels:

  • Early game (stages 1-16)
  • Mid Game (stages 17-20)
  • Late Game (stages 20-25)
  • End Game (stages 24-25)

These determine the RANK of gear you can farm reliably, which is the big divider as far as what to keep and what to sell.
Rank is the primary thing we use to separate gear, so knowing what you can farm reliably has a major impact on what we keep and will generally indicate what you want to keep.

Early Game accounts generally have no need to pare down their gear, so this won’t pertain to them. For the basis of this, I will assume you can at least farm stage 10 and above for each dungeon.

Step 2: What to roll

For any account, you're primary focus will be divided based off the gear:  
the top (weapon, helmet, shield), the bottom (gloves, chest, boots) and the accessories.

For Early Game accounts I only roll what I need as silver is more valuable than anything else at this stage.
Also, as a general note, when farming stages 10-17 I will keep 4 star pieces only if needed (good main stats, highly used sets)
and all 5 and 6 star pieces. For Mid Game and later accounts there’s more discerning needed with the gear.

The following is based off this idea and really only pertains to those farming stage 17+.
As always, each account is different and will find their own exceptions:

For Mid Game

Top Row

  • Anything with speed I’ll at least roll if not keep outright.
  • Anything with crit rate I’ll at least roll.

Bottom Row

  • Anything with % main stats I’ll roll.
  • Speed Boots I’ll keep.
  • I will keep a small selection of accuracy Chest pieces that are 5 or 6 star.
  • ALL Speed Sets with speed sub stats


  • All accessories I will keep if they are 4 star and above (obviously if you have none, keep everything), but lean towards 5+ stars as I can.

For the Late Game

Top Row

  • Anything with speed I will roll. –
  • Anything with crit rate I will roll. –
  • Anything 6 star with crit damage I will roll. –
  • Besides the above, if it is complementary with the set-piece or build (accuracy with perception for example) I will roll if it has positive (non-flat stat) substats with it

Bottom Row

  • Anything with % main stats with speed or crit rate or crit dmg substats I will roll.
  • Accuracy and resistance chests with speed I will roll.
  • Speed Boots I’ll keep if lacking in a set.
  • Besides the above, I will roll a piece that has a positive main stat (non-flat roll) if it has at least 2 positive substats.
  • ALL Speed Sets with speed sub stats.

For the Accessories

  • Reaction and Bloodshield pieces I keep regardless of anything else.
  • Rings must match the main stat with a % substat. Eventually only those with 2 positive sub-stats.
  • Amulets with accuracy and eventually resistance sub stats.
  • Sell all atk amulets (unless in a faction with bomb champ – ONLY used for those, so don’t need many, and only if it has accuracy sub stats) –
  • HP/ATK/DEF banners with speed I will keep, sell the rest. Eventually, you will only those with complementary % sub stats. There’s an argument you could keep it without speed if a % substat matches the main stat, but I’d be very selective with that.
  • All Accuracy banners. Eventually, only keep 5 stars with speed and all 6 stars, then only 6 stars with speed

For the End Game

Top Row

  • Anything 5 star Epic or Legendary or 6-star with speed I’ll roll.
  • Anything 5-star Legendary or 6 star with crit rate or crit dmg I’ll roll.
  • Must have at least 2 positive stats and be 6 stars. Eventually 3 positive stats and Epic or better.

Bottom Row

  • Anything with %/accuracy/resistance main stats with speed or crit rate or crit dmg I’ll roll. For accuracy and resistance, these must be 6 star.
  • % main with at least 2 positive stats I’ll roll.
  • Speed Boots I’ll keep if it has 2 positive stats.
  • Accuracy and Resistance Chest pieces that are 6 star with at least 2 positive substats I will keep a small selection of.
  • ALL Speed Sets with speed sub stats


  •  Rings: only 6 stars with matching substats
  • Amulets: only 6 stars epic and above. A small selection of atk amulets with accuracy substats for bomb champs.
  • Banners: only 6 stars with speed substats. Eventually only Epic and Legendary with matching (or complementary) substats for hp/atk/def main stats.

Step 3: Know the Main Stats

The main stat is the stat that increases on every level and is the primary one shown at the top of the gear piece. For Weapons, Helmets, and Shields the main stat is locked and will always be the same. For the rest (Gloves, Chest, Boots, Amulet, Rings, Banner) it can change and, after Rank, is the main determinator of whether we keep a piece or sell it.

For this section, we are only referring to Gloves, Chest, and Boots.

  • General guidance is to sell all flat stats. By that, we mean flat (non-%) HP, ATK, and DEF. We do not include Resistance, Accuracy, or Speed in that since those cannot roll % boosts.
  • You only need a select few Accuracy and Resistance chest pieces. Typically these are only used for Arena and Max HP Dmg builds.
    Late and (more often) End game accounts may use them for other content like Hydra or Doom Tower as well.
    For early and mid-level accounts you may use accuracy chest pieces more often as getting accuracy can be difficult. Even then you won’t use many.
    So typically I only recommend for Mid Game keeping 6-star pieces, or 5-star with good substats and for Early Game 5+ star pieces.
    I also generally recommend only keeping them in sets that make sense: resistance (to balance out or accentuate a resistance build), accuracy/perception (to balance out or accentuate an accuracy build), speed (always need speed), crit rate, crit damage, and savage (those last 3 are for a max hp dmg champ like coldheart, seer or royal guard).
    The earlier level your account the less restrictive you should be in what you keep. Once you’re exclusively farming stages 20+ I’d only keep 6-star pieces with useful substats (resistance/accuracy to balance out a build, speed, crit rate, crit damage, or double rolls in survival stats like hp% or def%).
  • % pieces are always useful, especially chests and gloves.
    For Early and Mid Game accounts any percentage chest or gloves that are 5+ star has a chance to be used. 4 stars if they have speed or crit rate substats as well.
    For boots, the benefits of % boots are always compared to using speed boots, so generally, you’ll only want 5 stars and up with speed or crit rate substats. Crit rate gloves are always useful, even 4 stars can be used with the right gear around it and so generally will have a longer shelf life than other pieces – you only need to get to 100%.
    Crit Dmg gloves on these earlier game accounts will have less use – making up the crit rate in the rest of the gear is extremely hard and not typically worth it outside of your max hp dmg champs and arena nuker…so maybe 4 or 5 champs at most? Because of that once you can get a decent selection of 6-star crit dmg gloves, the 5-star ones are only worth keeping if they are in unique sets with speed or crit rate substats.
    In the Late Game, even 6-star crit dmg gloves are only going to be worth levelling if they have those substats as well.
  • For End Game farming (and Late Game once you have a good foundation of pieces) you can use much more discretion when determining what % pieces to keep. Typically this involves evaluating the substats attached to the main stats. Every piece, if it has crit rate or speed, is worth a look. For most accounts anything with speed and crit rate is worth a roll – even a double roll can be a good piece, especially if it’s 6 stars.
    For End game accounts, 5-star gear isn’t nearly as helpful with crit dmg gloves, so I will only keep 6-star gear, since the difference in dmg can be pretty significant. I also have found I’ll only use pieces with solid sub-stats. They don’t have to be amazing, but speed, crit rate or double rolls in def/hp/atk % are the only ones I’d keep. Crit rate gloves follow this same guidance, though 5 star pieces are valuable enough to keep with good substats, especially since you generally will use those on your second-tier champs, and you’ll want to keep pieces with crit dmg rolls as well (generally only double rolls or better if it’s the only decent substat).
    For the rest of the pieces, speed is king, so I still keep and roll any of those.
    However, End game accounts might only want to keep those that actually hit speed on the roll or/and have solid substats besides it.
    Without speed, I will generally roll crit rate and crit damage pieces as well, but unless it hits at least twice I won’t keep it. Of course, there are exceptions (a weapon with crit rate/crit dmg/atk% for example where each rolls once), but even in those circumstances, I find I don’t actually use those pieces often. Better guidance is only to keep pieces that score at least a double roll in something useful: accuracy, resistance, atk/hp/def%, crit rate/dmg.
  • Speed boots are an auto-keep until you have a solid collection of them. You won’t ever need more than one per champ, so don’t hoard them, but is always a viable route to take when gearing champs, so have some in any set you’d use. In the End Game, I start to use the same guidance I would use with % pieces.
  • Lastly, speed sets with speed substats are worth keeping even with a flat main stat IF THEY ROLL SPEED. For speed champs in arena specifically, we only care about going first, so the main stat doesn’t matter, only the substat.

Step 4: The Sub Stats

We can break down the substats into 4 general tiers, the importance of each sub stat changing a bit based on the stage of the game you are at:

Early Game: 1) speed, 2) crit rate, 3) crit dmg, atk/hp/def %, 4) resistance, accuracy, flat atk/hp/def
Mid Game: 1) speed, 2) crit rate, 3) crit dmg, atk/hp/def %, accuracy, 4) resistance, flat atk/hp/def
Late Game: 1) speed, 2) crit rate, crit dmg, 3) atk/hp/def %, resistance, accuracy, 4) flat atk/hp/def
End Game: 1) speed, 2) crit rate, crit dmg, resistance, accuracy, 3) atk/hp/def %, 4) flat atk/hp/def

This reflects the changes in difficulty to build out champs and the requirements needed for content of different stages.

In the Early Game, speed and crit rate have an outsized impact on your builds, but once you ascend to the Mid Game accuracy becomes much more important. In the Late and End Game you face much more content that requires higher levels of accuracy and resistance to conquer. Also towards the later stages of the game you have more specialty builds focused on insane levels of one particular statistic.

This all informs us depending on our account level what we need to farm. Now, since the Top 3 pieces (weapon, helmet, shield) have the main stat locked, we only need to focus on the sub stats, which I will use as a guide for what to keep/discard.

First, without the main stat, the rank of the gear piece is considerably less important – though not completely so.
Rank will still determine the amount the substats can roll. The second is that, because the main stat doesn’t change, we won’t throw away nearly as many pieces automatically. This means we can be more discerning in what to keep and what to trash as our account grows. However, it’s still highly dependent on what you have already, what you need and what content you are attemptingto tackle.

  • General Guidance for all level of accounts is having at 50% of the substats with a Tier 3 and up sub stat is worth taking a look at and probably keeping if it gets a double (triple for resistance/accuracy for Early and Mid Game) roll.
  • All levels of accounts will want to prioritize speed, crit rate, and crit damage. Even a single roll in these can be useful if paired with other helpful sub-stats.
  • For Early and Mid Game accounts anything with speed is worth keeping, rolled or not, until you have a sizable assortment of rolled ones. Otherwise single Crit Rate rolls and Double rolls in Tier 3 stats.
  • Mid Game will also want to have some accuracy. Double roll pieces are worth keeping. Resistance is generally useless at this stage and considered a non-helpful stat.
  • Late and End Game accounts will want to begin acquiring resistance sub stat gear in addition to accuracy, but these are both second tier sub stats.
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