Faction Games: Ice Golem

Published On: September 13, 2023
Faction Games: Ice Golem

Faction Games: Ice Golem is the second event in the Faction Games series and we are excited to bring you to the chilly depths of the Ice Golem! Competitors have been wearing their winter coats as they prepare to face of vs the Ice Golem! Can they bring the heat? Let’s find out!

The competitors are fighting to get the quickest team with 100% Success! If you need a recap on who is in what team and what Creator has each Faction then click here.

The rules of Ice Golem is you must face off Ice Golem 25 and you must do it in the quickest time possible to win! These are the only rules that are necessary well apart from having fun and a safe competition of course but that goes without saying in the faction Games!

We love a bit of friendly Banta and trash talk and you can catch all that here to watch the Ice Golem Event kick-off!

Faction Games: Ice Golem, 3 competitors were chosen amongst their teams to face the frozen boss and here are your Ice Golem Competitors:

  • MTGJedi from Odd Brew Jedi representing The Sacred Order
  • Senda from Paella, Choritzo and Chips representing Lizardmen
  • Nubs Raids from 2 Celts 1 Roman representing Sylvan Watchers

Up First is MTGJedi

Deacon Armstrong
Godseeker Aniri

Second to the Challenge is Senda

Aox the Rememberer

Last to Brace to Cold is Nub Raids

mistrider daithi

It’s been an impressive fight with a massive Shoutout to Senda who only used 3 champions and got very similar times with just 2! It goes to show that you don’t need a whole team of 5 to compete at the Faction Games as he has blown away the competition and should get some Style points but unfortunately, we don’t give those out around here!

Let’s see how the competitors did!








In Third Place


In Second Place

The Ice Golem Winner is:

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