Faction Games: Spider

Published On: September 20, 2023

Faction Games: Spider is the fourth event in the Faction Games. From the Blazing Fire Knight to the sticky Spider’s Lair, can our competitors use their factions to overcome the Spider Queen and all her Spiderlings? Our Competitors have been training hard to pick the right poison in order to be the quickest!

Our Competitors must get the quickest time with 100% Success! if you need a recap on who is in what team and what Creator has each Faction then click here.

The rules of Spider is you must face off against Spider 25 and you must do it in the quickest time possible to win! These are the only rules that are necessary well apart from having fun and a safe competition of course but that goes without saying in the faction Games!

We love a bit of friendly Banta and trash talk and you can catch all that here to watch the Spider Event kick-off!

To Face off in the Faction Games: Spider we have:

  • YST from Paella, Chorizo and Chips representing Ogryn tribes
  • Oddone Gaming from Odd Brew Jedi representing Dwarves
  • Skratch from 2 Celts 1 Roman representing Barbarians

Let’s see the teams!

Up First is YST


Next to face off vs The Spider is Oddone Gaming

Rugnor Goldgleam

Finally we have Skratch Plays to take on the Spider

These were the teams used to slay the Spider and it was a close competition!

Let’s see the results!








In Third Place


In Second Place

Sktratch Plays Logo

And the Winner of Spider is

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