Faction Wars Series: Shadowkin

Published On: June 5, 2023
Shadowkin Faction Wars

The Faction Wars series by the Deadwood Jedi is Back, providing players with invaluable insights on conquering each faction in Raid Shadow Legends. First up is the Shadowkin faction, as it’s one of the newer factions, a lot of players will lack the required champions to complete the faction, so in this guide we are going to break it all down and give you some tips and showcase some of the lesser known champions in the Shadowkin faction to help you along with your journey to those all-important 3 stars.

Gearing your Champions

You watch all the videos on Faction Wars and you are thinking you will not get to all these stats, just remember, if you’re at the end stages of finishing Faction Wars it is worth it to actually take your best gear off your main Champions and put them on these Champions just to clear the stage at least for the first time through. Get those 3 stars, put the gear back on your main champions and walk away time you will eventually get the gear to have a consistent farm on 21. But the goal is to get 3 stars. This is the best way to do it if your gear is limited.

Shadowkin Bosses:

Stage 7 features the Incinerator boss, which can be relatively manageable if you possess level 60 or even level 50 Champions. While it’s not an exceptionally challenging encounter, The Incinerator inflicts poison, reduces turn meter, and employs an AOE true fear. The boss applies HP burn whenever it is attacked, which can be annoying. Cleansing and blocking debuffs champions are a must, as is often the case with similar boss encounters. However, in this faction, such options are limited, making the challenge slightly more demanding. But with this being Stage 7 you should be about to just smack it down with well-built champions.

Stage 14 introduces the Protector boss, who can be quite annoying. The boss possesses an AOE attack as its primary ability, with a decent chance of inflicting fear on your champions. Fortunately, it is not true fear and only lasts for one turn. While blocking debuffs and cleansing are valuable strategies, you can mostly overlook them in this encounter. Instead, focusing on crowd control (CC) becomes essential. Freezing abilities from champions like Gory can prove highly effective, and stuns are also helpful, having a champion in Stun Set is a bench marker for any Faction Wars team.. By immobilising or incapacitating the boss’s minions, you can render them harmless while concentrating your efforts on the boss itself. The boss’s second ability revives its minions to full health and places a sleep debuff on itself. Hence, it is crucial not to kill the minions, as they will be promptly resurrected. The recommended approach is employing high damage output and targeted attacks against the boss. Decreasing the boss’s defence is also beneficial, and the Shadowkin faction provides champions capable of performing this role.

Stage 21 features the Dueler, one of the game’s most challenging bosses. Overcoming this boss becomes problematic for the Shadowkin faction because of the lack of cleanse, block debuff champions, and revivers. Achieving a three-star victory here may require manual intervention even for the teams with the best champions. The Dueler’s primary ability ignores defence and inflicts damage based on maximum HP, making it challenging to mitigate. Strength and buffs, as well as ally protection, offer potential avenues for success. Equipping Guardian sets can help reduce damage. Revivers and shields are highly recommended, although options within the faction are limited. The Dueler’s second ability removes all debuffs from the champion, places a true fear debuff on a random enemy, and stuns all enemies except that enemy. These debuffs cannot be resisted, emphasising the importance of ally protection and block debuffs. The boss’s passive ability grants a turn meter boost based on the percentage of HP lost when attacked, making timing crucial. Overall, the Shadowkin faction faces unique challenges in Faction Wars, requiring careful consideration of boss mechanics and suitable champion strategies.

Champions to use:

Most of the Legendaries in Shadowkin can be useful in faction wars for various reasons, so I am going to focus on the Epics only as the Rares are terrible.

One highly recommended champion for this faction is Odachi. Odachi provides a shield for himself and grants block debuff and increased defence to all allies, making him a valuable defensive champion. His A1 ability can provoke enemies, adding another layer of control to the team. With his defensive abilities and block debuff utility, Odachi stands out as a crucial champion for this faction.

It’s important to note that the Shadowkin faction lacks revivers, which poses a challenge.

However, there is one option available: Kinagashi. While Kinagashi’s revival ability is limited to a single ally with a 50% HP boost and turn meter increase, it can still be useful. Another aspect to consider is his ability to decrease turn meter on his A1, making him beneficial for managing the boss’s speed. Although not utilised in this attempt, Kinagashi remains a viable option for the faction.

When it comes to damage dealers, there are several options within the Shadowkin faction. Champions like Genbo, Oboro, and Taya can inflict significant damage with their abilities, including poisons. Wuji, with his counter-attack and Perfect Veil, offers unique damage-dealing capabilities. Suiren, with her ability to decrease defence, and Chonoru, with weaken and block buffs, are also worth considering. Sachi, with decreased accuracy and crit rate, and Fenshi, with his speed reduction and poisons, provide additional options for damage dealing.

While damage dealers are important, support champions deserve special attention as they play a vital role in keeping your team alive. Toragi the Frog is the standout champion. With ally protection on a three-turn cooldown, reflect damage, poisons, and provokes, Toragi excels in supporting the team’s survivability. Another recommended support champion is Hotatsu, who brings continuous healing and increased defence, which is not commonly found within the faction. Hotatsu’s ability to leech and remove debuffs, along with his passive that can cleanse fears, true fears, and stuns, makes him a valuable addition to the team. These support champions are key to overcoming the lack of healing within the faction.

Kunoichi is another support champion worth considering, as she provides ally protection, leech, and weaken debuffs. Masamoto offers increased defence, turn meter fill, and decreased attack, making him a reliable defensive choice. Jurogin, with decreased attack and shield abilities, as well as provoke, can provide control and protection. It’s important to remember that the boss ignores defence, so while defensive champions are helpful, the focus should be on other means of damage mitigation, such as shields and strength buffs.

Last, Burinigiri, with his shield and strength buff abilities, can be an excellent choice for mitigating damage from the boss. Combining Burinigiri with Kinagashi, who can revive fallen allies, can create a strong synergy within the team. Equipping Burinigiri with a Guardian set further enhances his effectiveness.

In Conclusion:

The Shadowkin faction wars stages and bosses present unique challenges, particularly because of the lack of healing and reviving options. By strategically utilising defensive champions like Odachi, support champions such as Toragi, Hotatsu, and Kunoichi, and employing damage dealers like Genbo, Oboro, and Taya, players can navigate through Faction Wars successfully. The combination of Burinigiri and Kinagashi also offers an effective approach. Adapt your team composition and strategies to overcome the faction’s limitations and emerge victorious.

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