Heart Eater Clan Boss

Published On: December 24, 2023
Heart Eater Clan Boss

Emic Trunkheart stars in another Clan Boss team as we present The Heart Eater Clan Boss team! Before we got him and saw his preview everyone was doubting his abilities but here we are smashing content with Emic Trunkheart! This Heart Eater team will be able to 1-key with good gear but can easily 2-key the UNM Clan Boss.

What is good about this team comp is that it doesn’t require breakneck speeds and can be done by everyone so we have rated it a Moderate difficulty.

  • UNM tune will sync on turn 2
  • NM tune will sync on turn 2

Emic will take a double turn before the first AOE attack, placing unkillable on his second attack.  Maneater will take a double turn before the second AOE attack, placing unkillable and block debuffs on his second attack.

The Team:

178 Speed

Emic trunkheart

248 Speed


240 Speed

Rugnor Goldgleam

171 Speed

173 Speed

Narma – She is great for Clan Boss as she does a lot that makes her unique and kinda keeps her in Clan Boss but here she is doing a lot of work with her Increase Duration of 3 random debuffs. She places a Decrease ATK which is good for us as it can keep your team alive longer as the Demon Lord won’t deal as much damage. She also heals the team per poison on the enemy which will heal a lot considering you want to shower the Clan Boss in Poisons. On top of this she places 3 poisons and a poison Sensitivity on the Clan Boss with her a3.

Kreela Witch-Arm – She is great for Clan Boss because of her a3 which is an Ally ATK and places Increase C.Rate and Increase ATK. To maximise her potential she does need a lot of expensive legendary skill tomes in her A2 ability to ensure she always activates her Ally Attack ability. Kreela hits hard with strong multipliers and acts as a great support to boost damage in your team. She is fantastic in Clan Boss

Rugnor Goldgleam – Rugnor has a fantastic kit with a single target decrease defence and weaken ability on his A3, and leech ability on his A1. These two skills are perfect for the Clan Boss.

Emic TrunkHeart – He is the GOAT of the team and brings it all together other than Maneater of course but Emic brings the Unkillable buff that makes the team run smooth like butter! He also shields himself with a mighty shield and keeps the run together!

Maneater – What is Clan Boss without this champion, they are arch nemesis but Maneater always seems to come out on top! Maneater’s A3 provides your whole team with a Unkillable buff for 2 turns, whilst also placing Block Debuffs which is incredibly valuable in Clan Boss as it makes teams affinity neutral without worrying about the Decrease SPD from Spirit Clan Boss.

So that’s the team what do you think of it? For more information check out this Deadwood guide here!

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