Heart-Keeper Budget Team

Published On: August 29, 2023
Heart-Keeper Budget Team

This is a budget-friendly team using all rares plus Emic, the recent fusion champion. The Heart-Keeper Budget Team is very simple to make and requires 1 void rare, 1 Farmable rare and a dynamic duo of rares that were top of their game when they first came out but not matter they are still top for this team and can give you a nice easy budget team.

In this team comp you’ll see a Block Debuff champion that comes in clutch and a lot of poisons for the clan boss and to make it even more painful why not chuck in a Poison Sensitivity to make the Clan Boss bleed to death!

So let’s get to the team comp of The Heart-Keeper:


121 Speed


179 Speed

Pain Keeper

175-177 Speeds

Frozen Banshee

176-178 Speeds

Emic trunkheart

175 Speed

The reason this team works so well is because it is unkillable only with Pain Keeper and Emic therefore any other champions you bring are good for DPS and cleansing so you could change up the budget of the team depending on your account!

For more information check out my guide here on the Heart-Keeper Budget Team!

So this team does have low damage potential but it is good if you have multiple keys and good gear to keep your champs alive for as long as possible!

This team works for both UNM and NM and Brutal. Emic Trunkheart and Painkeeper will reduce each other’s cooldowns (and the rest of the team as well) to enable them to move at a 1:1 ratio.  Designated stun target will follow all Budget Unkillable rules so be sure to double-check them before making the Gravechiller or whoever you choose your stun target to be.

Speeds are incredibly tight! No room for variation on the Stun Target, Emic or the Cleanser, beware sets that add speed!

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