Hydra Clash – It’s the Final!

Published On: June 1, 2023

It has all come down to this! Its Skratch Vs NubRaids. It’s Romania Vs Ireland! Will it be a repeat of Ireland Vs Romania in Italia ’90 or will Skratch get the revenge his country has wanted against the team that knocked them out of the World Cup all those years ago on Penalties?

Let’s find out!

But before we do that, let’s delve into the teams each of the finalists will be using.


Skratch has named an unchanged team from the Semifinals with Taras keeping his spot after replacing Trunda in the previous round. Supreme Galak, var-Gal, Kymar, and Duchess Lilitu complete the line-up of this real smash-mouth team that deals huge amounts of damage in quick succession.


NubRaids has made one change to the team that saw him through to the final and that is to bring in Varl the Destroyer in place of Ninja. Interesting move from the Irish Ace, but with Hydra “in NubRaids we trust” the rest of the team remains the same with Nekmo (the game changer), Maulie, Mithrala, Uugo and the man who shoots a million arrows, Inquisitor Shamael. This team is the exact opposite to Skratch’s as this team is built to survive and go the long haul into the fight.

It is great to see two different approaches to the Final, it just shows you can build different teams for Hydra and still be successful.

The Results:

NubRaids was up first with his run, and it was a long one, we expected as much. Nearly getting to the turn count limit and a complete run time of 1 hour, 9 minutes and 39 seconds.

211.4m damage is seriously impressive from NubRaids, 69 million damage from Varl is a monster amount of damage and just shows he was the right pick ahead of Ninja! It’s going to be tough for Skratch to beat that, but if anyone can it’s going to be Skratch.

With NubRaids marker laid down it was all up to Skratch to see if he can overtake that huge damage number. Skratch raced to 105mil after just 31 minutes and was looking good to smash past NubRaids damage. But as we all know, sometimes things in life are out of our hands and for Skratch this was one of those times. The magic hydra RNG happened and once that happened it was all over.

Taras was eaten by Head of Blight and the Head of Wrath laid down some SmackDown on Skratch’s team with forced him to use up his re-set and revives and just couldn’t get Taras back in time, which meant he lost his damage for the rest of the fight and once that happened it was game over.

And with that the competition was over, Ireland has Prevailed once more with a great win over Romania

NubRaids is the Hydra Clash Winner and is confirmed as the Hydra King!

We here at DeadwoodJedi.com really hope you enjoyed the Hydra Clash Competition, because I know we did. So, thank you to every one of the CC’s that took part. Congratulations to NubRaids on the Win and Thank you All for watching with us as we saw some huge Damage Numbers.


Are you happy with the Winner or did you have someone else to win? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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