Myth-Fu Destroys the Clan Boss

Published On: March 9, 2024
Myth-Fu Destroys the Clan Boss

Myth-Fu Destroys the Clan Boss and you might be saying it’s an old comp but why fix what’s not broken? Myth-Fu is a staple composition that can do very well and 1-key the clan boss. To this day it is still used because it is a very simple comp to put together in Raid: Shadow Legends.

The Myth-Fu comp incorporates an often overlooked legendary champion, along with two epics, a rare, and a DPS champion of your preference. This speed tune for clan boss offers numerous advantages. Leveraging Fu-Shan and his speed aura, it reduces the required speeds for the team, making it effective across all affinities and difficulty levels, including UNM, Nightmare, and Brutal clan boss battles. With the appropriate DPS champion, there’s no need for further adjustments; this composition remains consistently reliable.

Now Demytha is going fast but these are speeds that we think are reasonable to hit and if you can you’ll reap the rewards. Fu-Shan’s, Seekers and your DPS champion are much lower than the Bateater. Your DPS can be anyone who does not boost turn meter, as this will change the champion turn order during the run. A common DPS champion is Dracomorph because of the Poisons that he brings and he is just a clan boss God!


The numbers tend to have little wiggle room. Changing the speeds of one champion also often necessitates changing the speeds of another as they are intertwined. Using a champion with a speed aura lead is heavily recommended (Fu-Shan is the best choice with his massive 24% speed in all battles) to make the speeds easier to reach. All the speeds below are their true speeds, i.e., Fu-shan’s aura, masteries, base speed, set bonus’ and speed from your artifacts.


290-291 Speeds

259-263 Speeds

185-198 Speeds


180-184 Speeds

168-169 Speeds

Make sure you check your speeds in the DeadwoodJedi Calculator here. The setup of this comp is great as all you need to do is hit auto and away you go! Leave this comp running in the background whilst you work and in no time at all you’ll have beaten the Clan Boss.

The Spirit Affinity may cause a hiccup for you but here’s how to fix that issue:

You need to have your DPS champions True Speed to be LESS then seekers true speed by 0.917%
For example:
(True speeds, the “True Speed” is displayed in the calculator below the speed that you input).
Heiress = 283.83
Seeker = 208.72
DPS = 190.84 (less than 0.917% of seekers true speed)

The masteries that you may want to run are:

Offence tree:

Heart of glory, this is a must for Block damage comps as you will have full health most of the time.
Life drinker, its good to have in case you drop below 50% HP.
Warmaster or giant slayer is a must for all your clan boss champions.

Defence tree:

With this comp you are not blocking debuffs we are removing them, so, the mastery Deterrence is a great mastery to take as it grants the wearer 20% chance to counterattack when a control debuff is removed, in this case, the stun.

Support tree:

Steadfast is great to use on Heiress to make sure she doesn’t take the stun as the Clan Boss sees this mastery as an extra buff

Overview of the Myth-Fu

The Myth-Fu comp is very simple and easy to set up whilst doing the damage that you need to get that one key Clan Boss that everyone desires. Make sure you double-check the speeds in the Calculator and account for true Speeds if you are taking on the Spirit Affinity Clan Boss. But overall we recommend this comp and hope to see some of you using the old style comp!

Let us know what you think, have you built it, and if so, what numbers are you getting? Are you having trouble getting the speeds? Let us know down below, we love hearing from you!

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