Nothing special about this one: 2 Key UNM (No CA, No UK, No Legos)

Published On: June 26, 2022

As the title suggests, this Clan Boss comp has nothing special about it, well maybe it’s a little special but it doesn’t have any counterattack, no unkillable buff here! And no legendary champions to boot! This is an ALL-EPIC team doing 2 key on UNM. Don’t be fooled the speeds are fast and the gear is great, but if you have been unlucky in your shard pulls this comp could be for you! Plus, its affinity friendly

The Comp centres around the speed tune of the team, it is the most important part, as we need our champions to go in a particular order for it to work. Its all about the Synergy!

The Champions

Deacon Armstrong – 226 speed (Stalwart gear)

Toragi the Frog – 254 speed (Stalwart gear)

Grizzled Jarl – 279 speed (lifesteal gear)

Suwai Firstborn – 201 speed (Stalwart gear)

Godseeker Aniri – 250 speed (Stalwart gear)

The most important champion in this comp is Deacon Armstrong as he allows us to go in a 2:1 ratio and brings the Leech debuff on his A1, meaning we don’t need Lifesteal gear. Make sure Deacon uses his A1 on turn one

Toragi the Frog needs to be very tanky with plenty of HP and Defence to help mitigate the ally protection damage. His Ally protection and his Poisons are great to keep everyone alive and deal debuff damage. He also has a decrease attack on his A1

Godseeker Anari is amazing for clan boss in general and she is no different in this team, she extends the buffs your champions need to keep them alive, and if they do happen to die, she will pick them back up.

Suwai Firstborn is our damage dealer and stun target. She brings a weaken, decrease defence and decrease attack in her kit making her essential to the team

Grizzled Jarl is in here for his Block Debuffs and Increase Defence for all allies. The Block Debuffs is a fantastic way to make sure the stun doesn’t land on Suwai, and the Increase Defence helps everyone stay alive. He also brings in an additional Decrease Attack. Jarl needs to put his block debuffs on at the start to make this affinity friendly. Plus, Godseeker is going to extend the duration of all buffs making sure it is up at all times

Final Notes

And there you go, get the speeds right, make sure Suwai is the Stun Target and stack the HP and Defence on everyone else and you will be hitting a 2 key Ultra-Nightmare in no time. I personally love this comp as it shows the possibilities that are out there, if you don’t have Unkillable or counterattack, and with no Lego champions! does it get any better than that?

Have you built this team or a variant of it? Let us know down below, we love hearing from you!

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  1. Francisco Pereira July 5, 2022 at 3:39 pm

    Are there any good substitutes for Grizzled Jarl and Suwai Firstborn. I’ m lacking those champions :(

  2. Simon DeVay July 9, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    No Frog? Suggestions please…

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