Rathalos Blademaster is Insane

Published On: January 19, 2024
Rathalos Blademaster is Insane

Rathalos Blademaster is Insane for Clan-Boss and as everyone has him from the free login we thought let’s make a spotlight on him!

Rathalos came from the Monster Hunter world and has decided to stay put in Raid and make himself known across the Raid community as he is on every account for free after logging in 7 days. You have until March to claim him so make sure you do or you’ll be missing out on this crazy good champion! Not only for Clan Boss but he is good in other areas of the game!

His kit is centred around dealing damage to both single targets and multiple enemies, utilizing Increase Speed buffs to efficiently cycle through skills. Additionally, he possesses a unique passive ability that amplifies damage against targets afflicted with Burn Debuffs. This passive not only boosts damage by 50% against burned targets but also unleashes a staggering 200% increase in damage every fifth skill use. This makes him particularly formidable against powerful bosses like the Hydra, Dragon, or Clan Boss, leading to devastating outcomes over time. Therefore long battles like the Clan Boss make Rathalos come alive and it gets the most out of him to build up high damage numbers!

The synergy between this passive and his single-target A2 skill (which attacks all enemies every second use in a round) becomes particularly potent, allowing him to ignore 100% of the boss’s defence when targeted. This also adds to the high damage numbers that Rathalos will be able to do!

Beyond its damage-dealing capabilities, Rathalos bestows upon himself a dual benefit of a 30% Increase Crit Damage and Increase Speed buff. This aligns perfectly with a 60% Decrease Defense that cannot be resisted against bosses. These buffs not only enhance the champion’s ability to cycle through turns efficiently, resulting in increased damage but also elevate the overall damage output. Notably, when tackling formidable opponents like the Demon Lord, the significance of Decrease Defense cannot be overstated. As a crucial element for any team in such content, Rathalos proves invaluable, especially when paired with champions capable of applying Weaken.

Apart from that Doom Tower is another area where Rathalos will do well because his kit is just extremely good, he isn’t specifically good in one area but he is a jack of all trades allowing him to be a good member for your teams!

If you need a Clan Boss team Featuring Rathalos then check out Deadwood’s video here it showcases Rathalos ramping up damage and nuking the boss!

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