Skinwalkers—They will transform your account.

Published On: February 8, 2023

The Skinwalkers are a faction in Raid: Shadow Legends and they comprise some great champions like Brakus, Leorius and Longbeard. But are any of them good against the clan boss? In this guide I am going to take you through the best of the best the Skinwalkers offer in terms of the Clan Boss fight, and there are some amazing champions here!

What makes a good Clan Boss Champion?

They need debuffs, buffs, cleansing, survivability and of course damage to name a few. Inherently there are few champions in the Skinwalkers faction that are popular choices for Clan Boss.

Let’s go through the few by rarity that make the clan boss list of champions to use.

Rares: Some good ones here but are any of them good for Clan Boss?

And the answer is no, not really.

Panthera is the only viable option for Clan Boss from the Rares in the Skinwalkers faction, but she requires so many books it is not worth it.

Epics: Now we are talking!

Yaga the Insatiable

Yaga is well known as a rubbish epic. But when you look at his kit, he is a superb in early game clan boss. Yaga is all about the poisons. A1 and A2 have a chance to place the poisons then his A3 deals more damage against an enemy with poisons. Perfect for Clan Boss.


Taurus is well known for his Poisons as he is a great option to pair with a poison exploder. But for Clan Boss you can only use him in an Unkillable team and Taurus can be used as a stun target to great effect. He also has a weaken on his A2.


Steelskull is the old school Clan Boss god! Back in the day before Unkillable comps Steelskull was a must have for a high damage team. Even though his value has gone down, or dare I say power crept. He is still a great poisoner and healer.


The Mini rat is a very solid Clan Boss champion and will do a lot of work for you. Poisons on his A1, the leech debuff on his A2 and weaken on his A3. His passive is also very nice, where damage is increased when attacking enemies under poisons.


The Tearer is a mini Godseeker with his A3 where he decreases buffs and increases debuffs by a turn. He also brings a nice heal on his A2 and a transfer debuff skill on his A1. Really useful champion for Clan Boss.


Probably the most used Epic in clan boss in the game! Fayne is a mini Dracomorph. She is effectively the epic version of him. A strong hitting A1, poisons on her A2 and Decrease Defence and Weaken on her A3. Fayne’s only drawback is she has very low defensive stats and can only work in unkillable comps.


Akemtum is a Hex champion with poisons. And if you get that Hex out before poisons go on. Your damage will increase tenfold. Akemtum is a great Clan Boss champion and can be your poisoner all the way to the endgame.

They are some great Epics. It is going to be hard to top that. Bring on the Legendaries!

Legendaries: they are some big hitters.

Gnishak Verminlord

The Big Rat is an amazing champion everywhere in the game and that is no different in Clan Boss. His passive is incredible every time a bomb is removed or detonates it is replaced by TWO poisons and they are protected. Of course, Gnishak places bombs on his A1 and A3. He also has a Decrease Attack on His A2. Amazing champion.


Longbeard is the only champion who has a Full Team ally Attack. For that reason alone, he is amazing in clan Boss, but he also has a weaken on his A2 to boot. If you are looking for an ally attack champion for Clan Boss, look no further than Longbeard.

Mighty Ukko

Ukko is one of the few champions in this faction that have a Decrease Attack on his A1 and for that reason alone he makes the list! His Aura can also be very handy too.


Sniktraak is an absolute beast for any early/mid and even some late game scenarios in Clan Boss. His protection, self healing, and the ability to apply Leech with an A1 that 100% places Decrease Attack makes for a very viable traditional clan boss team.


The Cat can be used in clan boss as a Stun target as she is immune to the stun debuff if HP Burn is on. And the fact she herself places HP Burn for 3 turns this will always be the case. She also has a Decrease Defence on her A1 too.


Skinwalkers is one of the smallest OG factions in the game, even the Shadowkin have more champions than they do. And it really shows with the rares in the faction. But the epics really make up for it. They are some of the best poisoners in the game and the Legendary champions are fantastic too with Longbeard and Sniktraak the pick of the bunch.

Do you use any of these champions in Clan Boss? Did I miss out on any? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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