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4:3 Ratio

Running a champion at 4:3 ratio can be desirable to enable a cooldown to fall into sync with the team. You may have a skill that you’d like to happen at a specific Clan Boss Turn (such as after AoE 1) but it is a 4 turn cooldown. By running your champion at 4:3 you can force this turn at the point you require. Below are the various 4:3 options available to you.

Santa Unkillable

Unkillable team centered around Sir Nicholas, Skullcrusher, and Pain Keeper.


Maneater and Warcaster Unkillable team where you can use Counter-Attack and Ally Attack Freely.


Adds a 4:3 champion and Ally Attack to the Budget Maneater Unkillable

ManTower Fast

Fast Tower and Maneater Stays Unkillable and Affinity Friendly.

Double Warcaster

Double Warcaster blocks the AOEs and Bushi or Skullcrusher takes the stun.

The North Pole

Santa or Tower + Warcaster Unkillable with slot for cleanser for affinity friendliness.

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