The Bateater Clan Boss Team

Published On: June 8, 2022


Without a doubt the Bateater Composition for Clan Boss is one of the most popular Clan Boss teams that everyone wants to build as it’s easy to obtain since the only champions needed are 3 epics and a rare, the fifth champion can be whomever you want, within reason of course. However, don’t be fooled, the Bateater comp is for late to end game players as the speeds are relatively high and if you want to one key Ultra-Nightmare you will need end game damage artifacts.

Why is it called Bateater?

The name comes from using Seeker, who looks like a bat, as a turn meter boost and two maneaters to keep the Unkillable buff up at all times. With using the Maneaters the comp is affinity friendly and can be used for, not only, Ultra-Nightmare but Nightmare and Brutal as well. The speed tune can be found here.

The other champion that is needed is Painkeeper as she enables the maneaters to do their jobs with here A3 that reduces the cooldown on one skill by a turn

The Last champion you need is your Damage Champion. Your DPS champion should ideally have relentless gear on them to maximize your damage.

How to build this comp

When you are starting to build this comp all you need to focus on is the speeds. Get the speeds first and then worry about your damage output after that, as your account gets stronger the better gear you will have and the more damage you could potentially get from this comp. the masteries shown below are the go-to masteries for all the champions of this team. Remember 100% crit rate is vital to get the most out of the champions.

Who to choose as your DPS Champion?

You can use any champion here that deals damage and doesn’t affect the turn meter. You can use champions that do this however you will need to tweak the speeds and make sure it works in the Clan Boss Calculator.

Here are a few very good options:

  • Dracomorph – Brings Dec DEF, Weaken, and a ton of poisons. Dracomorph also hits incredibly hard.
  • Fayne – Fayne is effectively a budget version of Dracomorph, with slightly fewer poisons.
  • Belanor – Belanor is a great champion for the DPS role as well as he also has the decrease defence, no poisons though, he does hit very hard but the biggest appeal to Belanor is the fact that he brings a Critical Rate aura, and a Critical Rate buff on his A1 – Allowing your team to run much lower Critical Rate in your builds.

When you have chosen your DPS and you have the speeds done, with the AI setting now available in the game you can set it up in the team pre-sets by following the setup found on the tune and clicking on start from auto and away you go. A straight away 2 key Ultra-Nightmare team and potentially a 1 key Ultra-Nightmare team.

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