The Faction Games Have Returned!

Published On: September 4, 2023
Faction Games 2023

The Faction Games 2023 have returned, These are fun games where Content Creators go head to head and battle it out to try to outsmart and out-damage their competitors. The Content Creators are split into 3 groups of 3 and they will be competing together to be the best team! We will get to the teams later on but let’s get to what is going on!

So there will be a draft where the Content Creators will get to pick and decide between their teams what Faction they want and who has the strongest champions. The reason the draft is so important is because they can only use champions from the faction they choose so they may be competing in teams but you can only use the Faction that was selected by them. For Example, if DeadwoodJedi picked Banner Lords then he can only use champions from this faction and any other champion will be off-limits for him. Then his team will need to be strategic and decide when it’s best to use DeadwoodJedi and his Banner Lords. This makes the games more interesting and some factions may be MVP in some areas of the game so you’ll need to be smart around your picks and make sure your team has all the bases covered.

Along with only using the Faction you’ve been assigned, there is another rule that may break the hearts of some. And it is NO LEGENDARY CHAMPIONS!!! This may cause a few upsets but it makes the games more fun as Acrizia is BROKEN when it comes to the Hydra area so to tone down the action and make it more of a level playing field only epics, rares, uncommons and if you’re crazy enough common champions can be used!

What are the categories?

The competitors will be pushing the Factions to the limit in these 5 areas of the game:

  • Dragon
  • Ice golem
  • Fire Knight
  • Spider
  • Arena

The way to win is to be the fastest to clear the stage so the competitors will need to put their speed boots on and go all out with their guns blazing to try to beat the other teams and be crowned champions. Of course it needs to be successful so teams will need to bring their A-Game!

So you are asking well you can’t time-trial arena? Yes you are right so the way arena will work is it will be a Round Robin event where they will face the defence of each faction to see if they can take the team down!

There will be a mystery event  later down the road but i’ll leave that in a cloud of suspense until the day comes to reveal it.

Meet The Competitors!

Sktratch Plays Logo

SktratchPlays is joining us, he has been on past events with us and he is back with a vengeance from being second place in the Hydra Creator Clash can he bring some fire and lead his faction and team to victory?!

Cold Brew Gaming is competing, Fuelled with his ColdBrew Coffee he is ready to take on the Faction Games! Will he get his desired Armiger and take the Banner Lords to the very end?


Saphyrra AKA the Human-Computer, will Saph be able to outsmart his competition and strike when the time is right? Or will he fall just short with bad RNG like the HellHades F2P series?

YST can’t have been told that he can’t use Genzin yet? I wonder how he will feel after the news has dropped? Could he bring Conellia back into full force and very very slowly take his faction to victory?!

Nubs Raid comes to add to his title of Hydra Creator Clash and be victorious, but will he prevail maybe with a bit of Lady Luck and holding his lucky clover he can bring his faction up to the top!


MTGJedi is the only American in this competition but that won’t slow him down as he looks to take on the challenge! He finished third in the last Faction Games but can he take his team to the top?!


Oddone Gaming is new to the faction Games Scene and he comes in with a firey passion to help his team be the very best and try to take home that victory. Will the rookie nerves get to him or will he prevail?!

VictorTES is one of the best for Clan Boss and Holds the record for the highest damage but can he bring his knowledge from Clan Boss into other areas of the game? He is not shy to use a Rare Champion or two!

Senda is a fellow Spanish Content Creator to VictorTES but can he bring his expertise to his team and aid them to conquer the others in fierce battle?

The teams for The Faction Games 2023 will be as follows:



Sktratch Plays Logo



So your teams are:

Paella, Chorizo and Chips AKA PCC – Consists of VictorTES, YST and Senda

2 Celts, 1 Roman AKA CCR – Consists of Nub Raid, Skratch Plays and Saphyrra

OddBrewJedis AKA OB1 – Oddone Gaming, ColdBrew Gaming and MTGJedi

These will cause some serious battles but there can only be one winner! So be sure to pick your winners now and comment below who you think will win this Faction games 2023?! If you want to keep up to date then go here

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