The Ninja CatEater

Published On: July 24, 2022

The Team: Kreela, Maneater, Seeker, Ninja and Hellcat

Champion Requirements

Ninja is running at 194 speeds while building for ATK and crit to really output some serious damage. He needs to have good ACC to land the HP burn. Ninja’s a2 needs to be priority and it needs to be his second ability. His a3 you need to put first as seen in the video below. Ninja’s masteries are Warmaster and go down the Support tree on the secondary.

Kreela is running at 179 speeds and once again focussing on ATK stats. Kreela’s a3 goes first then when it’s her turn next use her a2. You need to time the ally attack which is why this priority is necessary! Kreela is running Warmaster and has Support tree for her secondary masteries. Try to get as much crit as you can she has a self-crit rate buff, so you only need 70%

Maneater (ME) is running at 255 speeds. He has the unkillable buff which he is king at in the Clan boss, and he is one of the most sought-after Unkillable champions! Build up his damage stats to really get the most out of him.

Seeker is running at 217 speeds. He is a part of most Clan Boss teams because his speed and turn meter boosts! Seeker can put out some serious damage, so focus on damage stats outside of speed whilst having the tankiness to survive the stun that we want him to tank. He has Warmaster on his masteries.

Helicath is running at 193 speeds. He is important because of the block damage ability he brings to the table. Run him with full crit and massive DEF stats! He has Warmaster as his masteries then run down the Support line for secondary masteries. Also make ACC a bit of a priority to land your skills.


You need to manual the start but follow this bit here: you can auto the first turn and the CB has AOE attacked. You can auto until its ME turn then ME a3, seeker a1, ninja a3, Helicath a2 ME a2 Kreela a2, seeker a1, Ninja a2, ME a1, Helicath a1, Kreela a1, Me a1, ninja a1, Helicath a3, seeker a1

And now you can Full auto! Yes, it’s a bit long however it’s worth it as seeker takes the stun so you need to tune it so it all fits and no one is out of tune!

If you are a bit lost follow the video below!

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