Top 10 DPS Champions for Clan Boss

Published On: July 31, 2023

Here is our list of the Top 10 DPS Champions for Clan Boss! You need some DPS (which stands for Damage per Second) Champions when facing the Clan Boss because you need to reach a certain checkpoint to get the best rewards. For example, in Ultra-Nightmare you need to achieve a damage score of 70,273k Damage to get the top chest and the champions below will aid you in reaching this goal.

When building a Clan boss team such as the unkillable comps you need your unkillable champions like your maneaters and your pain keepers, we call those utility champions, they serve as a way to keep your DPS alive in order to get that 70,273k checkpoint to get the best rewards possible from clan boss and the entirety of the game.

So you want to know who the best DPS champions are? Here are our top 10 that will blast a hole through the Clan Boss!

**Please note we have left off the fiddly champions such as Ninja, Acrizia and Michinaki because they require specific set-up and speed tuning to the complete max but the champions below will not require specific speeds unless we specify!


Dracomorph used to be one of the weaker legendaries in the game back in the day but Raid had enough and decided it was time to raise him to a God status and he hit that. Dracomorph is now one of the best damage dealers for Clan Boss. He went from zero to hero overnight and you are about to see why!

His a3 has a Decrese Defence and a Weaken debuff all in one which very few if any champions have this,  therefore it makes him great for Clan Boss because reducing the Clan Bosses defence and weakening him just means you are going to do more damage and achieve that Ultra-Nightmare Chest a lot quicker.

On top of this, his damage comes from his a2 which is a multi-hitting Poison but as there is only one target, the massive Demon Lord, then all of the Multi-hits will attack the Clan Boss and each hit has a minor chance to place Poison so you get 4 chances to place Poison which is one of the best ways to deal Damage in the Clan Boss.

Then to top it all of his a1 does Godlike damage and it stacks because it increases by 10% for each Debuff on the target so once you have the debuffs ramped up to 10 Dracomorph will deal 100% increased damage on his a1 attacks which will come in handy with his a3 as you’ll have shredded the Clan Bosses Defence and done a massive nuke.

You’ll be sure to get that 1 Key Ultra-Nightmare with the right build. Make sure you have enough accuracy!



Jintoro looks Badass and is Badass, I mean just look at that blade no one not even the Demon Lord can withstand a blow from that! Jintoro has the power of Oni on his side and it shows because once he gets going he will top that damage leaderboard! His a3 is similar to Dracomorph’s with a Decrease Defence and a Weaken Debuff. But every 4 times you use this ability it attacks 5 times instead of 1 which is a cool mechanic to try and get some damage output across the board.

You need to cycle his abilities quickly so a set like Relentless may come in clutch to get that ability back around to deal devesting damage. The other abilities are good for damage but they bring no useful utility for the Clan Boss.


Belanor is the winged pretty boy and this may come as a shock to some of you because he may not have the best damage outputs but he makes up for it with his Decrease Defence and Weaken debuff on his a2, like the champions above this can help increase his damage output because the Clan Boss will have less defences so you’ll do more damage.

On top of this he has a nice Crit Rate Aura that allows you to not need to max out the C.Rate stat as you put Belanor as your lead then you can build 76% C.Rate and max out the C.Damage stat. This also applies to your whole team so your Maneaters can be built down on that stat and buffed in Damage.

Being a Void Legendary aids you as well because he is neutral to every type of affinity, this will help you land your debuffs. His damage is solid but it isn’t as good as others but the debuffs and aura really save him!



Anax may look like a weak skeleton wrapped in bandages that can snap at an instant but he can smack! One of the main part of Anax is his Passive this is because he places an Increase Def buff on himself for 2 turns once his HP drops below 75% and a 50% Increase Attack on himself once he drops below 50% HP. This is on a 5 turn cooldown.

He has a Decrease Def on his a1 which is very nice for when the rest of your abilities are on cooldown as you can drop the Clan Boss Denece and increase your damage output. His a2 has Poisons on it so it does good damage for the Clan Boss and last but not least his a3 has a Weaken debuff and a self-heal so you can prock his passive multiple times in the fight.

His damage is good as well as he has good damage multipliers. Plus he is an epic so easier to book and get copies of.



Fayne is an  OG champion and there is a reason players love to pull her on any type of account but if you were following the F2P series over the past year then players were over the moon when they pulled a Fayne. The reason is she has a Decrease DEF and Weaken on her a3 which is amazing as stated before because it means you will do more damage.

On top of this amazing skill her a2 is beastly for Clan Boss as it gives 2 more insane and potentially the best Debuffs for Clan Boss. She places Poisons and a Decrease ATK debuff. Now the Decrease ATK isn’t needed for an unkillable team as you can’t be killed but for other teams it is seen as one of the best debuffs.

She is just an all-around amazing champion and you should build her out!

Rugnor Goldgleam

Rugnor Goldgleam

Rugnor Goldgleam is a champion that we don’t see very often but it is his time to shine here. This Void Epic champion has an interesting passive that decreases the Cooldown of his a3 every time he loses 15% HP. Now for a Bateater team, you do need to turn off his a2 as that doesn’t help you at all, so make sure you turn it off in the ai settings. But the reason he is good is his a3 self-buffs with an Increase ATK then attacks which has a chance of placing Weaken and a Decrease DEF debuff. As stated before it is great to reduce the Clan Bosses defences so you deal more damage.

His a1 is also extremely good in a normal Clan Boss team because it has a Leech debuff that allows you to heal your team.

Fahrakin the Fat

Fahrakin the Fat

Fahrakin the Fat is a great champion for Clan Boss because he has a Decrease DEF on his a1 which is great for dealing more damage. He has an HP Burn and 2 Poisons on his a2 which is 2 amazing debuffs for Clan Boss as it is 2 of the most damage-dealing abilities over time.

Then his a3 puts a damage buff on all allies with an Increase C.RATE and C.Damage by 30% and the skill is an ally attack meaning all of your allies attack the target enemy which in this case is the Demon Lord! Fahrakin the Fat is a great champion that should be used as a DPS if you have him!



Aina is a great champion with Weaken on her a2 ability for 3 turns on a 3 turn Cooldown and a Decrease DEF for 3 turns on a 4 turn Cooldown on her a3. The longer debuffs are great for your team as they last longer and you don’t need to worry about them dropping off especially if you get an extra turn from her a1.

She has Godlike damage with a lot of multipliers and good damage stats so you can really push for that one key Ultra-Nightmare Chest. Having both the Key debuffs on this champion just allows her to hit hard and get you enough damage for the one key.

Mistrider Daithi

mistrider daithi

Mistrider Daithi is one of the Sylvan Watchers who came out recently and has a very cool kit because his a3 is self-buffing Increase ATK and Increase ACC buffs for 3 turns then gets an extra turn allowing him to smack the Clan Boss and has a better chance at placing his Decrease DEF debuff from his a2. Then he can also get another extra turn if you place the Decrease DEF debuff so you can have 3 turns in 1 move.

As said before the Decrease DEF lowers the Clan Bosses Defence allowing you to do more damage. His a1 ability also has chances for giving him extra turns so you can recycle abilities very fast with this champion trying to get a lot of damage out to get the one key Ultras-Nightmare chest! he doesn’t have the best damage but you are counting on the extra turns to smack the Clan Boss by going for quantity over quality.


Suiren carries a couple of daggers looking to slash and slay the Demon Lord but what makes her good for DPS is the fact she applies poison on her daggers before going into combat so her a1 has 2 chances to land Poisons.

Her a2 has a Weaken debuff which is good for dealing with Clan Boss. And her a3 has Decrease DEF so she has all the great debuffs. On top of this, she has strong multipliers meaning she can do good damage and grab the 1 Key Ultra-Nightmare Chest. But you may need stats to make her get there effectively!

This is our top 10 DPS champions for the Clan Boss, would you include any others to make the list?

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  1. Bak Dal December 11, 2023 at 11:49 pm

    Hi, first of all, many thanks for the super hard work freely provided.
    Now I want to say that I am really disappointed by this list.
    I went for the ultimate budget team with 1 Maneater and 1 Pain Keeper. I was very happy to find out that I also had 2 dps of this list that I readily picked out.
    Only to find out that the compo was not working as intended. I spend quite a few gems and keys to do trials and understood why after a few tries: both those dps have an extra turn skill that cannot be switched off ><

  2. Jake M December 29, 2023 at 7:50 pm

    I’m surprised that Whisper isn’t on the list…

  3. Jasin Donovan May 3, 2024 at 4:49 pm

    I was considering using Acrizia (drop Dec A1) and Turvold (weaken A1) with Maneater and Pain keeper in a budget unkillable. Not sure who would make a good slow boy? Maybe Geo?

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