Top 10 Epics in Raid Shadow Legends

Published On: June 20, 2023

We are all aware that Raid Shadow Legends boasts an extensive roster of Champions, including highly sought-after Legendaries that often steal the spotlight. However, it is crucial not to overlook the value of Epic Champions. They not only offer easier investment options but also have the potential to deliver more value than many Legendaries in the game.

Today, we will delve into the top 10 most overpowered Epic Champions who truly deserve legendary status because of their immense power and game-changing abilities. Whether they unleash colossal damage or provide unparalleled support, these Epics are guaranteed to enhance your account’s progression across multiple areas.


Let’s start with Akemtum. This extraordinary Champion possesses a passive ability unmatched by any other in the game. Whenever poison triggers, he physically damages all enemies under a [Hex] debuff, establishing himself as a formidable force. This unique skill makes him an invaluable asset in battles against enemies like the spider and the Hydra Clan Boss. In fact, Akemtum can single-handedly carry players through challenging content like Spider 10 Hard mode, showcasing his dominance over other champions in the team.

Besides his exceptional passive ability, Akemtum wields a triple-hit A2 skill that extends the duration of hex, further amplifying his passive effect. His A1 poison ability spreads toxic damage, making him a versatile champion suitable for various types of content. When equipped with life steal gear, Akemtum can heal himself while inflicting passive damage, making him even more potent. He synergies well with artifact sets like Stun, maximising his effectiveness.

Akemtum’s remarkable performance across different game modes, such as Dragon and Hydra, has rightfully earned him a place among the elite legendary champions, despite being a recent addition to the game.


Next, we have Geomancer, a champion known for his unique abilities and passive skill that have made him a favoured choice among players in many game areas. Geomancer truly shines in encounters like the Iron Twins, but his power extends to all endgame PvE content.

What sets Geomancer apart is his awe-inspiring passive skill, which allows him to deal massive damage even without focusing on damage-oriented builds. Players can build Geomancer as a formidable tank and still extract significant damage output from him. By applying his own HP burn on an enemy and absorbing hits, Geomancer becomes the primary source of damage for the team.

This exceptional combination of versatile abilities and a potent passive skill makes Geomancer a top pick for endgame content. He is one of the few Epic champions who excel with multiple copies, showcasing his unrivalled power and adaptability. If you seek a powerful and unique addition to your team, Geomancer is an excellent choice.


Now let’s turn our attention to Seer, a champion renowned for her outstanding wave-clearing capabilities. Whether facing level 25 waves or tougher challenges, Seer effortlessly demolishes them. Her damage output escalates based on the number of buffs present on her team, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks. Even without team buffs, Seer can deal astonishing damage, solidifying her position as the game’s premier wave clearer, surpassing even Taras the Fierce.

Seer’s potential is further amplified when paired with buff-heavy heroes like Lydia, who can provide multiple buffs to the team. With Lydia’s support, Seer can obliterate entire waves in a single strike. The beauty of Seer’s damage lies in its controllable nature, depending on the number of buffs present on the team, offering unparalleled versatility and power.

Her Karma burn ability serves as the foundation of Seer’s devastating damage output. By removing buffs from allies and enemies, Seer launches attacks against all enemies based on the number of buffs removed. While accuracy is required to remove buffs from enemies, the removal of self-buffs does not cause it. This allows players to tailor their build based on the enemy’s buff presence.

To maximise Seer’s potential, players should prioritise 100% critical rate, critical damage, and decreased defence debuff on the enemy. With these factors in place, Seer becomes an unstoppable powerhouse, annihilating any enemy that dares to stand in her way.

Godseeker Aniri

Moving on, we have Godseeker Aniri, a champion with the extraordinary ability to repeatedly revive herself and her teammates. This makes her an invaluable asset in any team, especially for those who relish tackling challenging content. With the release of Sand Devil, her value has soared as she excels in 2-man team compositions alongside champions like Ninja or Walking-Tomb Dreng.

Aniri’s ability to revive and support stems from her unique passive skill, setting her apart from other champions and establishing her as a force to be reckoned with. Besides her revival mechanics, Aniri boasts excellent healing capabilities and the ability to extend her team’s buffs, making her indispensable in clan boss fights and arena battles.

Aniri’s overpowered status as an Epic champion is attributed to her unparalleled passive skill, exemplifying how passive abilities can transform a champion and make them invaluable in specific situations. If you seek robust support and revive champion to fortify your team, Godseeker Aniri is a remarkable choice.

Inquisitor Shamael

Let’s now delve into Inquisitor Shamael, a powerful and distinctive character that many players consider being overpowered. Inquisitor Shamael proves effective against the head of Torment in the Hydra, earning a regular spot in Hydra teams depending on the rotation. His unique ability surpasses that of even legendary champions, making him one of the most sought-after champions in the game.

Inquisitor Shamael possesses an ability that instantly removes fear or true fear from an ally while filling the turn metres of the leader ally by 15%. This means that if four members of your team receive true fear from the head of Torment, the leader constantly gains 15% turn meter, allowing them to take many turns and aiding in defeating the Hydra.

Shamael’s usefulness extends beyond the Hydra as well. He excels in Doom Tower waves, Arena, and other game modes because of his ability to eliminate almost any champion with well-built gear. His ability to bypass 25% of the target’s defence naturally, coupled with an additional 25% for each buff on himself, enables him to deliver devastating blows. With three buffs on him, Shamael ignores 100% defence, making him a formidable hitter.

With a three-turn cooldown on his ability, Shamael can use it relatively quickly. The ability strikes three times, resulting in significant damage output. Inquisitor Shamael’s unique skill set and triple-hit ability make him a force to be reckoned with.


Now, let’s discuss Demytha, the queen of Clan Boss and an essential inclusion in any credible list of Epics. Demytha revolutionises the unkillable Clan Boss teams that players have cherished over the years by providing constant Block Damage all by herself, thanks to her short cooldowns.

Many teams now revolve around Demytha, a Speed Booster, and Turn Meter booster, allowing her to operate at a 3:1 ratio and protect your team until Turn 50 when the boss ignores Block Damage. Outside of Clan Boss battles, Demytha offers invaluable support with her healing prowess, Block Damage, and manipulation of buffs. She increases the duration of her team’s buffs while reducing the duration of debuffs by 1, making her Clan Boss teams affinity-friendly as well.


Moving on, we encounter Maneater, a key component of unkillable Clan Boss teams. Maneater’s unique skill set and abilities make him an indispensable addition to any team composition, particularly in Clan Boss battles.

One of Maneater’s standout skills is his A3 ability, which grants unkillable and block debuffs to his allies. This combination ensures the team’s survival while preventing debuffs that could hamper or slow down damage output.

The unkillable buff alone is fantastic, but when combined with the block debuffs effect, Maneater becomes a game-changer. For example, on Spirit Affinity, your team won’t suffer decreased speed, maintaining synchronisation. Likewise, other affinities won’t land debuffs such as decreased accuracy, allowing continuous debuff application and sustained damage.

However, Maneater’s versatility extends beyond his unkillable combo. His A2 skill provides a full turn meter drop, while his AOE decrease attack proves valuable in faction wars and other game areas.

Despite his wide range of applications, Maneater’s true strength lies in enabling unkillable Clan Boss teams. By utilising two Maneaters or a combination of Maneater and Pain Keeper, players can flawlessly execute this strategy, eliminating the need to constantly change their Clan Boss team composition. It’s no wonder why countless players opt for this team setup, as its consistency and exceptional performance hold true across all Clan Boss affinities.


Husk is another champion who has recently risen in popularity, particularly since the release of the Hydra Clan Boss. Husk’s inclusion is primarily because of his AOE attack, which deals damage based on the enemy’s max HP. However, Husk is not a one-dimensional champion. His A1 provides a provoke effect, making him an invaluable addition to any team facing the Hydra.

What sets Husk apart from others is his minimal requirement for effective performance. His AOE attack only causes crit rate and crit damage, allowing players to build him with high durability while maximising his abilities. His A3 possesses a stun effect that proves useful in specific situations, such as the Spider Dungeon.

Husk’s ability to provoke the head of Decay in the Hydra while dealing substantial damage has propelled him to the forefront. Some players argue he might even be overpowered because of his consistent usage in Nightmare Hydra Clan Boss teams.

While Husk may not garner as much attention as other champions in Raid: Shadow Legends, his reliable performance makes him a worthy consideration when constructing a Nightmare Clan Boss team.


Next on the list is Seeker, a pivotal champion in enabling a two-for-one speed composition for Clan Boss battles. Seeker, alongside the new rabbit Champion Razelvarg, serves as the best champions for executing this tactic. Seeker’s legendary speed control stems from his turn-meter filling ability, which also grants increased ATK to the team while providing a 30% turn meter boost on a three-turn cooldown. However, Seeker possesses an additional turn, effectively reducing the cooldown to just two turns. Every two turns, Seeker supplies an extra 30% turn meter to all team members, facilitating rapid succession of extra turns.

Outside of his role in Clan Boss battles, Seeker boasts a valuable passive skill. When hit with a critical hit, Seeker’s team gains an increased defence buff. The higher Seeker’s position in the turn order, the stronger this buff becomes. When hit with a critical hit, Seeker spreads the increased defence effect to all his teammates. This means that if Seeker is the team leader, he will absorb the hit first, allowing all team members to benefit from increased defence before the AOE attack lands. Seeker excels at enabling go-second teams for arena battles.

Seeker’s repertoire also includes an A1 ability that provokes enemies, further augmenting his versatility and value as a champion in the game.

Dark Kael

Last, we have Dark Kael, a champion boasting a multitude of qualities that make him a formidable force. His A1 ability strikes three times, instantly applying poisons and burns with each hit. Though seemingly modest at first glance, this ability gains incredible power when paired with champions capable of inflicting burns and poisons.

Dark Kael possesses an AOE decrease attack, perfect for facing the Ice Golem and enemy waves. This attack hits hard and possesses a unique passive ability that extends the duration of all debuffs by 75% upon landing a critical hit. With this effect, Dark Kael can dramatically increase the damage output of burns and poisons inflicted by other champions.

Dark Kael’s poison sensitivity and placement of AOE poisons further elevate his damage-dealing potential. His passive ability reduces the critical rate of enemies with two or more poisons, rendering him immensely effective in PVE content.


In summary, these 10 overpowered Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends possess extraordinary skills and abilities that rival those of many Legendaries. From Akemtum’s unmatched passive damage to Dark Kael’s devastating poisons, these champions have the potential to elevate your gameplay across various areas. Whether you’re seeking incredible damage or exceptional support, these Epics are sure to make a significant impact on your account’s progression.

Do you agree with our List? Who would you add to it? Leave a comment down below, We Love hearing from you!

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