Xena vs Ninja

Published On: November 14, 2023
Xena Vs Ninja

Xena vs Ninja is one for the ages as we try and find out who is the best champion for Clan Boss and who can build the highest score! Xena has been finally added to the game so we need to see who is better between Xena and Ninja in the clan boss! Can she be a replacement for a damage dealer? Let’s see what she can do in the Clan Boss.

The reason she could be good in Clan boss is because of her Passive ability: For the Greater Good! It reads:

“[Passive Effect] Increases this Champion’s ATK by 10% every time they use an active skill (stacks up to 100%). Resets each Round. Also has a 50% chance of randomly changing this Champion’s weak hits to normal, strong, or critical hits. The chance increases to 100% when attacking enemies under 2 or more buffs or debuffs.

 [Active Effect] Fills this Champion’s Turn Meter by 100% and places a 50% [Increase ATK] buff on this Champion for 1 turn whenever 8 or more buffs are placed on the enemy team in a single turn.”

This means that she can ramp up damage every time she uses an active skill to stack up to 100%. So already she is getting some extra damage in just passively but that is not all as weak hits can be converted to normal, strong or Crits. This can just add to her damage but it is RNG so some days you’ll see a massive spike in damage where you had a lucky run and other days it will fall off where you’ve been unlucky. But it goes to 100% if the enemy is under 2 or more buffs or debuffs so it will be 100% vs the Clan Boss as you should be able to get the debuffs out there especially Poison and Decrease Defence and Attack.

The Active effect won’t come into play in the Clan Boss as the Clan Boss doesn’t place more than a single buff.

The rest of her kit is nice but it doesn’t come close to the damage progression that her passive will get.

Let’s see how she did!

Xena did 42 Million Damage

Ok so she did well now lets see her compared to Ninja! There is a slight difference in Ninja’s passive as he can boost Crit.Damage as well as ATK%. So adding an extra 25% C.DMG will boost it but lets see how he compares.

Ninja did 60 Million Damage

But we have to take into effect he has HP Burn where a lot of his damage will come from but he did win!

So to conclude Xena is good in Clan Boss but not game changing, but if you get her then she can do a good job! What do you think of Xena?!

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