Zinogre Blademaster the Clan-Boss Killer

Published On: January 9, 2024
Zinogre Blademaster the Clan-Boss Killer

Zingore Blademaster the Clan-Boss Killer, her kit is good and has many possibilities to bring forward for your team. Zingore is good because she has multiple hits on all her abilities allowing the Giant Slayer Mastery to prock and deal massive damage!

On top of this, she has some Great debuffs for Clan-Boss making her very useful, especially to mid-game accounts who might be lacking a strong Decrease Attack and Leech champion! On top of this, her a1 has Weaken to make you do more damage! Her Passive allows her to deal double damage if she is low on HP and the Clan-Boss has Decrease Defence on it. Therefore Unkillable teams work really well for her.

She has many teams that she can fit into such as; Traditional Teams if you turn her a2 off so no Increase Speed as her other debuffs do a lot of work, 2:1 Ratio teams. You will need to work around her a2 and play around in the calculator to get it working right but the potential is there.

The team:



Underpriest Brogni


Zinogre Blademaster

Zinogre Blademaster

So the team is based around Helicath but we bring Zinogre Blademaster in as a DPS champion. Here is the original team but we are replacing Skullcrusher. In this run make sure you turn off Zinogre’s a2 or it won’t work!

The idea of the team is to get the block damage from Helicath and to make Zinogre go fast and take the stun hit and get her passive ramping up to unleash her full potential!

Make sure to check out Deadwood’s Video here as it explains everything in full detail for you to understand the comp and get everything right!

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