Best Champions to use for Burning Challenge

Published On: August 20, 2023

As you are aware we are holding a Competition that allows you guys to win some juicy rewards consisting of 540 Gems, 1 Epic Book, 1 Void Shard. And to be in with a chance of winning some of these rewards then check out the challenge page here. So some of you may be wondering who to put in your team etc because you are going to want to get the best damage or unique teams in order to win. Because as stated in the rules post  you don’t have to win by getting the highest damage:

  • “Top 3 damage will recieve: 540 Gems, 1 Epic Book, 1 Void Shard
  • 2 Most creative or visually cohesive team (1 by DWJ and 1 voted on by the mods) with over 1 million damage will receive: 540 Gems, 1 Epic Book, 1 Void Shard
  • All other entries over 1 million damage will be entered into a raffle for 5 winners to receive: 540 Gems”

Top Champions


If you can get Ninja speed Tunned in tyour team then Congratz because he was one of the most fiddly champions to deal with! But he has great damage output and is a great champion for Clan Boss. He literally has a HP burn plus his animations have fire so he deffinatley fits the build and gets a spot on the Top Champions list! He is just an absolute monster when it comes to damage graphs and players that missed out on him are deeply upset but he remains as one of the top champions for the August Challenge


Geomancer is an absolute GOD when it comes to burning stuff and leaving them with burns that will last a lifetime! He is a Legendary in an epic disguise and for this challenghe it is no different! Getting Geomancer in a relentless set means he will have more turns and cycle his HP Burn quicker and means it will be on for longer. What makes him unique and GODLY is his Passive ability that reflects damage when the opponent is under a HP Burn placed by this champion so after you’ve placed a HP Burn watch when the Demon lord attacks you and you’ll see the numbers spike up. It works better the more damage the boss deals so in Spirit Clan Boss you’ll deal more damage because it hits harder!


Michinaki has recenly been in a Guaranteed summoning event so if you were lucky enough to pull him then he may see some action in your teams for this challenge! He has a HP Burn plus he burns with a Firey glow. He must be fueled with Copper Sulfate and a flame that keeps him so angry! Adding him to your roster is a great shout because he also brinsg vital debuffs such as Decrease DEF and ATK. These will help deal more damage and take less so you survive longer and in time deal more damage for a chance to win.


Artak the new Free Log in champion is on the list as one of the better champions for this challenge because he extends HP Burn and activates it, whilst applying it as well so he is doing a triple effect of HP Burn! He also brings a Decrease ATK debuff which is great for Clan Boss as you’ll want to stop as much damage coming as possible to keep your team alive longer and make your damage numbers increase!

Godseeker Aniri

Godseeker Aniri carries a flaming sword and it looks like a burned handprint across her face although her sword shines blue, it is a fire so she makes the cut! Godseeker Aniri is a crazy good champion but being a void epic it comes at a cost or extreme luck! But if you have her in your roster then you are in for a treat because she does really well with her heals, Increase Buffs Duration, Revive and a Revive on Death mechanic! This makes her a great support champion because she isn’t there to do any damage but she is there to make your team healthy and keep them standing to do more damage.

Godseeker Aniri

Fahrakin the Fat

Fahrakin the Fat is an amazing champion who can really boost your damage numbers, not only does he have his Brand ability which places a HP Burn and 2 poisons, he has an Ally Attack on his a3 whilst buffing them with 30% Increase C.Rate and C.Damage. He is an expectional champion that you should be looking to invest into especially for this challenge.

Sicia Flametongue

Sicia Flametongue can Increase the Duration of HP Burns, Activates them and places them. This is known as a perfect trio for this challenge! She also places a weaken debuff that comes in clutch for the Clan Boss because it means it has less stats so you do more damage! Alongside her HP Burns she is litterally on fire so she makes the cut onto any team!

Underpriest Brogni

Underpriest Brogni was one of the hardest fusions to complete and there was a reason for it because he is considered to be one of the best fusion champions that Raid has ever seen! He makes the list because of his HP Burn on his a1 but that’s just the start of his kit! He can place a Block Debuff and a 50% Increase ATK on all allies protecting them from the stun and he puts a massive shield on them protecting them from the damage! His passive reflects damage taken from the shield back to the attacker making his damage insane! What a Champion!

Is there anyone else you would add to this list?

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