Clover Clan Boss Draft – Rating the picks

Published On: March 21, 2023

DeadwoodJedi has gone through each and every champion pick for the Clover Clan Boss Draft, and given them a grade based on how good of a pick he believes they were, of course, the contestants may prove him wrong with this, but let’s check out what he thinks!

Round 1

Demytha – Nub Raids

The obvious top pick.  Buff extension, amazing healing and block damage all on a 3 turn cooldown made this the #1 champ in the draft


White Dryad Nia – Cold Brew Gaming

A shocking, and some might say disappointing, pick.  Nia doesn’t provide the obvious upside of several of the other champions selected next, but she has an incredibly unique kit that can potentially be used to create some creative teams. This will likely go down as either the best or worst pick of the draft. She was highly desired by the field, but no one expected her to go this high.


Seeker – HellHades

As one of only 3 champions in the game that can create a 2:1 ratio team on their own (at reasonable speeds that is) Seeker was an obvious first round choice.  Personally I’d prefer Deacon Armstrong or Maneater here, but Seeker does provide more speed tuning options.  Hard to argue against this pick.


Deacon Armstrong – YST

Speed is King as they say and Deacon Armstong provides it as another one of only 3 champions in the game that can create a 2:1 ratio team on their own without going over 300 speed.  Deacon also brings some excellent debuffs with Decrease Defense and Leech, making him valuable even without the turn meter boost.


Maneater – DeadwoodJedi

What can be said about the Unkillable King? Obvious choice here and arguable for the #1 pick…amazing he lasted to pick 5.


Round 2

Skullcrusher – DeadwoodJedi

Easiest pick of the 2nd Round.  Absolutely monster pick for any traditional team, being the only counter attack champion available.  This ensured DWJ would have either counter-attack or unkillable.  Massive.


Geomancer – YST

An amazing champion, but there’s certainly some concerns here.  He’s much less effective against void and takes time to ramp up the damage.  Still weaken, hp burn and damage mitigation is enough to validate this pick.  I would have opted for Fahrakin the Fat personally, but hard to knock this choice.


Toragi the Frog – HellHades

Arguably the best Ally Protection Champion on the board and a good strategic pick.  Being Green definitely helps his value.  Again, I think Fahrakin might be the preferred choice here, but I can certainly see the argument the other way.


Fahrakin the Fat – Cold Brew Gaming

Easily the top Champion still available.  Fats does a TON of damage with his Ally Attack ability, not to mention the debuffs and buffs he brings. Easy choice.


Dark Kael – Nub Raids

A stealthy good pick here by Nubs.  Dark Kael brings a lot to the table, but most notably a LOT of damage.  With back to back picks, and knowing Demytha will be the obvious ban choice, Nub has the potential to lock down a speed tune of his choice.  Opting for damage instead seems like he’s missing a golden opportunity, but the pick itself is hard to criticize as Dark Kael is a top choice for all the competitors.


Round 3

Ruella – Nub Raids

The other half of the back-to-back picks is an interesting choice with Ruella.  She’s excellent for the content, but questionable this early with plenty of comparative options available and having already selected Dark Kael.  There’s an opportunity cost here.


Venomage – Cold Brew Gaming

I’ve publicly stated my opinion that Venomage has some severe limitations as a Clan Boss Champion, but the positives out weigh the negatives for this competition.  Decrease Defense, Decrease Attack and Poisons are all fantastic, especially when adding in the passive damage reduction.  The explosion portion of the kit is extremely difficult to utilize and generally overblown in my opinion, but at the end of the draft Cold Brew helps to make that a more relevant portion of the kit in a brilliant manoeuvre.  At this point in the draft I’d be concerned about the survival foundation of the team, but even without that, this is an excellent pick at this spot.


Fayne – HellHades

Following the draft trend, HH opts for a damage dealer in Fayne.  I don’t love this pick, as she’s a pretty squishy option for a traditional team, but Fayne is still extremelly valuable and a significant source of damage.


Hotatsu – YST

One of the most brilliant picks of this draft.  With everyone taking damage dealers, YST opts for support and creating a team that can outlast his opponents. Increase Defense on a 3 turn cooldown is very rare for an Epic as is Leech on an A1 skill.  Combined Hotatsu is the best pick in Round 3.


Anax – DeadwoodJedi

Following the rest of the competitors, DWJ selects Anax.  Anax is an amazing damage dealer and is a green champion, but there were other options on the board here.  Knowing Maneater was the likely ban champion and that they’d have the pick immediately following the ban phase, there’s a huge opportunity cost by not locking down a speed tune by taking a speed champion or buff extender.  Still hard to knock Anax as he’s a top tier damage dealer in the game.


Round 4

Archmage Hellmut – DeadwoodJedi

The first Increase Speed Champion off the board. This pick immediately followed the ban phase and was an excellent choice.  There’s no other Champs that can increase speed that are as good. This really sets up the speed tune going forward.


Godseeker Aniri – YST

Opting for arguably the best Buff Extender in the game, YST selects Godseeker to set himself up for his 2:1 speed tune.  Personally I think Sandlashed Survivor would have been the preferred pick here, offering even more survivability at the exception of healing, which was already covered by Hotatsu.  Still Godseeker is an excellent choice, providing a crucial skill set along with strong damage.


Klodd Beastfeeder – HellHades

A super sneaky pick here by HellHades.  Klodd is criminally underrated for the buffs and debuffs he brings, all of which add to survivability.  He has a low ceiling though with pretty mediocre damage. But with two speed champs going off the board to start the round, HH is reading the flow of the draft and making a strong selection, especially with the recognition that he’ll have a pick coming back before both YST and DWJ.


Runekeeper Dazdurk – Cold Brew Gaming

An interesting choice by CBG.  Runekeeper is a stellar clan boss champion with boss Leech and massive healing, however, he is difficult to speed tune with his turn meter boost and also brings low damage multipliers.  If Cold Brew can tune something with Nia and Runekeeper this pick will go up a full letter grade…


Sepulcher Sentinel – Nub Raids

One of my favorite champions for Clan Boss, Sepulcher offers a LOT of help with Increase Defense and Block Buffs for 2 turns each – a rarity even on a 4 turn cooldown.  Adding Decrease Attack and random protection with her passive only adds to her value.  Nub desperately needs protection and, though I might have opted for a Jareg instead, Sepulcher is a great choice.


Round 5

Sandlashed Survivor – Nub Raids

Sandlashed is an amazing champion and provides the potential to go at a 2:1 ratio with a speed champion, but protection is still an issue for this team with no clear Ally Protection champion on the squad. But just as valuable as getting Sandlashed for his squad is, it’s an even better choice to thwart his opponents in the draft knowing both HH and DWJ will need a buff extender to enable their current teams.


Jareg – Cold Brew Gaming

The best Ally Protection Champion left on the board, Jareg is a huge pick for Cold Brews team.  Damage is the biggest drawback here with sub par multipliers, but Increase Defense and passive healing along with the aforementioned Ally Protection makes Jareg a massive pick for a Cold Brew team that needs all those abilities.


Anchorite – HellHades

The only Epic Buff Extender left to make his speed tune work, HH opts for Anchorite.  It’s a clear step below Sandlashed or Godseeker, but Anchorite is a very solid addition.  I can’t love this pick as the champ is generally mediocre, but sometimes you have to rely on mediocre champs to make a team that shines.


High Khatun – YST

High Khatun will never be more than solid.  He brings no debuffs or buffs, except for Increase Speed, to the table.  But, especially when combined with his speed aura, that’s enough to make him a valuable clan boss addition.  Some might argue a champion like Apothecary is more valuable, since they can heal and offer a the Giant Slayer mastery as an option, but I think HK is a better choice.  With his speed tune set, YST simply needs to finish out the protection and damage on his team.


Grizzled Jarl – DeadwoodJedi

Increase Defense on a 3 turn cooldown is the big advantage here.  Decent damage and a 1 turn block debuffs is nice too, also has a Decrease Attack if needed.  There were better, or certainly alternative, options on the board here, but being thrown for a loop with the Sandlashed Survivor and Anchorite pick, DWJ panicked a bit.  Not a bad choice, but certainly not the preferred.


Round 6

Trumborr – DeadwoodJedi

The final pick of the draft was a complete mistake.  By this point DWJ had too many holes to fill on his team: healing and buff extension being the main two.  Trumborr adresses one of these, with his Leech, but not the others.  Sadly all the good buff extenders were off the board at this point, though the Champion itself isn’t a bad option.  Knowing a change would need to be made eventually i’d have preferred another champion that could provide some more versatility for speed tuning.  The irony that DWJ meant to take Tagoar instead only exacerbated the issue.


Rearguard Seargent – YST

Phenomenal pick to finish off his draft, YST ended strong taking Rearguard Seargent.  3 Turn Cooldown on Ally Protection, Healing, Decrease Attack (which pairs perfectly with Hotatsu) and Decrease Defense make RGS a top tier champion picked well after she should have been.


Marked – HellHades

The only Rare selected in the draft, Marked was a panick pick by HellHades.  Increase Defense and Block Debuffs are important and strong, but there were definitely better options on the board.


Liburga – Cold Brew Gaming

Perhaps the best pick of the final round, Liburga has an insanely beneficial kit, providing poison debuff extension, increase defense and increase attack as well as poisons themselves.  An excellent pairing specifically with Venomage to allow the poison explosion infinitely.


Grush the Mangler – Nub Raids

Grush is an excellent champion, but provides little besides healing.  Still lacking a speed champion and Ally Protection, this isn’t the choice I would have made.


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  1. Deadwoodjedi March 22, 2023 at 10:59 pm

    Hope you all enjoyed this!!

  2. RJ Hell March 23, 2023 at 2:45 am

    Great article! It would be really interesting to hear what champions you are surprised weren’t picked in the last round? Which great choices were left on the table?

  3. Mitham hamoudi March 23, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    Interesting i think we should also know maybe datk kael has a 5star ascension that would make him an a or the type of gear can drop godseeker to c.

  4. Jeremy S March 24, 2023 at 6:50 pm

    It would be interesting to see these selection regraded following the CB runs.

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