Emic and Zinogre Takes Down The Clan Boss

Published On: February 8, 2024
Emic and Zinogre Takes Down The Clan Boss

Emic and Zinogre Takes Down The Clan Boss in this awesome team that you can build! Zinogre was the last fusion champion that we could do as part of the Monster Hunter collection and the reason she is in the team is because she has this sweet passive that increases the damage this champion deals by 1% for every 1% of HP lost up to 50%. This then doubles in damage if the target is under Decrease DEF and in this team, you should be hitting that. So she is going to hit like a truck for you and all you need to do is build this team! Another thing about Zinogre is you don’t want her landing her Leech because it will affect your runs so you’ll need to turn off her a2 and a3. She’ll still do great damage and you have the chance to bring a Weaken Debuff which will come in nicely.

The Team

Zinogre Blademaster

Zinogre Blademaster



Emic trunkheart

Emic Trunkheart


This team is a full auto team and you can just press start and away you go from the off.

Now we get to the important part the speeds:

  • Zinogre – 242
  • Doompriest – 186
  • Delver – 178
  • Bloodfeather – 172
  • Emic Trunkheart – 248

Here is the specific speed tune for you to log on your calculators and you can see the priorities and Cooldowns so it works altogether.

Here is what the team is based on with a few modifications to get it to work nicely and all in time and sync.

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