Emic Trunkheart Champion Spotlight

Published On: August 14, 2023
Emic Trunkheart Champion Spotlight

Time for a Champion Spotlight featuring Emic Trunkheart, a legendary void champion, emerges as a formidable warrior. He harnesses the power of Vinequakes, causing the very roots of the earth to surge and entwine his enemies. Simultaneously, he stands as a stalwart guardian for his allies, achieving invincibility even in the most arduous battles because he will be built with high HP and he has a nice Unkillable buff AOE! This extraordinary fighter, known for his indomitable spirit, becomes an integral part of the Sylvan Watchers Faction through the Fusion event that has just ended for July 2023.

Emic does well in a few places as he is a good champion that is a jack of all trades so he doesn’t excel in one place but is good in a lot of places. If you have just completed the fusion then you need to check out Emic and his areas of excellence!

Emic Trunkheart Champion Spotlight

Clan Boss

Clan Boss is a great area for Emic as his Unkillable buff really shines and allows you to build a budget Unkillable team very easily. Here’s my Budget Unkillable team that you should try out! His shields also save your team so you can get your abilities around back and allow them to use their damaging abilities quicker. And Here is another team of Epics using a maneater but just check it out because it has the potential to 1 Key UNM ClanBoss so you should definitely get it built and slaying the Demon Lord. Here is a Speed Tune for UNM Clan Boss using Emic as a main part of it to check out!

Shogun Grove

Emic is good at Shogun Grove because of his a3 which has the taunt ability so it allows you to control the boss and it stops the Shogun from using its abilities and makes your life a lot easier. On top of this, he brings some big shields which allow you to keep the team alive whilst the boss isn’t taunted. It was almost like Raid made a champion designed for the new area of the game! That is what Emic is made for but here at DeadWoodJedi.com we like to get the maximum out of all champions!

Scarab King

Trunkheart wields a versatile array of skills designed to conquer even the most challenging encounters in Raid. His abilities encompass a variety of Shield placements, coupled with effects that decrease skill cooldowns. Commencing with Vinequake [A2], he launches an assault on all adversaries. Subsequently, he bestows a Shield buff, equivalent to 30% of his own Max HP, upon himself and allies. This is followed by the decreasing of cooldowns for ally skills by 1 turn (excluding himself). Although this can be used universally for protection for content such as the Scarab King, having a synergy to reduce cooldowns will assist allies in cycling their skills more efficiently!


This is where Emic is good but not great, he is a 3-4/5 in all dungeons as he is a great supporting champion because he brings some much shields and Taunts to protect your main carries. But when it comes to the actual boss then he doesn’t really do a lot to aid you. He is just there to be a massive tank and apply shields to make your team more tanky! But he has a unique job in other areas of the game so we can’t complain about this one. He is just doing his job and he does it well.


Emic is good in Hydra however it isn’t his most comfortable role but he can protect your team well with his massive shields! Just make sure you don’t get them stolen or the 4 headed beast will be a pain to take down!

Faction Wars

Emic is great in faction wars as his shields will be very strong and it will allow you to keep your team alive. If you partner him with a DPS and a reviver then you have a great team that will smash Faction wars with no issues!


Emic is a 4/5 rating as he is a very good HP champ that helps keep your team alive and well but he isn’t a damage dealer so don’t try him out to be! He has a specific job at defending and taking hits for your team so build him with a lot of defences and HP!

What do you think of Emic Trunkheart?!

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