Emic x Demytha – The Comp You’ve All Been Asking For

Published On: August 25, 2023
Demytha x Emic

New Fusion Emic Trunkheart and Void Epic Demytha, who is basically a legendary champion in the skin of an epic, have combined forces to create Myth-Heart aka Slow Beating Trunkheart with adaptations to bring in Demytha and to make the comp work you need to do some fiddling with speeds but you’ll see all that in this guide below!

So, because you need specific champions and Demytha has to go slowest it makes it tricky so you need to bring in the og champion Sepulcher Sentinel as she brings a block debuff on a 4 turn cooldown when booked so she will fit in and bring the composition together to get you that unbreakable unkillable and it means you block the stun! You then can use this before the cooldown reduction of Emic and it works very nicely then Demytha can extend it and BOOM  you have a working team comp with 2 extras which for our example will be Fayne and another past fusion in Gnut!

This team is very fun to make and has 2 fusions and 3 epics (1 legendary and epic can be replaced with other DPS)

Emic trunkheart

246 Speed

Sepulcher Sentinel

187 Speed


177 Speed

176 Speed


174 Speed

All the speeds are listed above and they are the speeds that have been tested by myself but you need to check in the calculator that yours works because some tiny details may throw the whole comp out of sync so chuck it into the Calc here just to double check it! As you can see Emic is the quickest by some way but that’s because you need his abilities to rotate faster to get the Cooldown and Unkillable in place and in sync with the team!

For Turn 1 you need Sepulcher to go first for Turn 1 because she places the Block Debuff then Demytha extends the duration to cover everyone for the AOE and the Stun but the key part is the Stun! So make sure Demytha uses her a2 first which is a priority and Emic uses his a2 on turn 1.

This team was fun to make so make sure you check it out for an easy 2 key UNM team!

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