Top 1-Key Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss Teams

Published On: August 8, 2023
Top 1-Key Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss Teams

With the introduction to the Quick Battle feature you need to have 1 key teams so here are some of the Top 1-Key Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss Teams. Plarium announced:

“We are adding a highly-requested Quick Battle feature to the Demon Lord Clan Boss. This will be an option for players who want to fight the Demon Lord, but do not want to watch the whole battle play out in real-time. Quick Battle will be available for every Demon Lord difficulty, but must be unlocked by dealing a set amount of damage using a single Demon Lord Key. 

The amount of damage needed to unlock Quick Battle corresponds to the amount of damage needed to receive the highest value Demon Lord Chest on that particular difficulty.

It is possible to unlock Quick Battle for several Demon Lord difficulties at once. For example, if a player achieves the Quick Battle unlock conditions on Brutal, it will also unlock Quick Battle on all Demon Lord difficulties below Brutal (Hard, Normal, and Easy respectively).

Team presets and general Demon Lord battle mechanics remain the same as if the player was running the battle normally in Auto mode. Once a player has initiated a Quick Battle, they cannot interfere with the battle until it finishes.”

So we have come up with a list of the Top 1-Key Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss Teams. Some may be harder to make than others but of course you need to hit the correct criteria to make the comps work so alongside the comp will be a link for a more detailed description and explanation! But Good Luck when building the comps and follow the guides accurately to achieve the best results.


This requires 2 Maneaters, Seeker and Razelvarg then you can choose a DPS on top of this. The speeds are very fiddly so make sure you get them accurate as you don’t have much wiggle room. This Comp is affinity friendly and has great success, so if you did the Razelvarg fusion then you’re in luck because this is a great Quick battle comp. This comp is an Unkillable Clan Boss team focused on the crazy speeds of Razelvarg and two Block Damage or Unkillable Champions.

261-262 Speeds


290-315 Speeds


290-315 Speeds


238-239 Speeds

188-203 Speeds

Myth Fu

This Myth Fu comp has been around for some time created by Saphyrra and his magical brain that sees all the small details and came up with this comp that has been fully tried and tested and works like a charm for the Quick Battle Feature. Myth-Fu is a highly recommended, full-auto speed tune with a high speed 3:1 Demytha while Heiress cleanses the debuffs to make it affinity friendly. As stated in the name is does require Demytha and Fu-shan to make this comp. As with the comp above, the speeds are very fiddly, so check all possible areas for speed as one slip-up may cause the team to fail.


290-291 Speeds

259-263 Speeds

185-198 Speeds


180-184 Speeds

168-169 Speeds


The BatEater comp is an older brother to the OG Unkillable comp but lets run through it! you may need good gear to get this to a 1 key but it is reliable and works a charm. This is the best 2:1 Maneater Unkillable Team that you can make, Bateater is full auto and fully affinity friendly meaning you press go each day without stress. Getting 1 key can require some stronger gear but it is definitely achievable. this comp is going to require 2 maneaters but it is worth it for that Quick battle Feature to get the 1 Key! This comp has a lot of wiggle room with speeds so you can shift everything around but make sure to check it out in the speed calc.


265-285 Speeds


248-254 Speeds


239-247 Speeds

Pain Keeper

239-247 Speeds

218-227 Speeds

Infinity Comp

The Infinity Comp one of the previous if not current World Record Comps for damage against the clan boss. And the reason it is called the Infinity COmp is because it just keeps going forever and ever aka Infinity! There are strict requirements for this comp and you are going to want to listen carefully. Krisk, Brogni and Corpulent Cadaver are essentials to this comp then you are going to want 2 other buff extenders such as Lanakis the Chosen or Hellborn Sprite who is a rare champion. So I am saying that 2 rares are in the Ex World Record team! Speeds will be shown below the champs and a link to the video explaining how to run the comp will be provided below! A couple of key things to note is Corpulent Cadaver needs to have Revenge Accessories and Lanakis needs to have Reflex gear on.

184-188 Speeds

195-219 Speeds

286+ Speeds

269-286 Speeds

245-264 Speeds

Ma’Shalled White Whale

The Ma’Shalled White Whale is a great comp to have for the Quick Battle Feature because it works so well and all you need is Ma’Shalled, a Debuff Blocker, a Counter-attacker and a Cleanser. Not too much lol but in honesty it is worth making this viable comp! There are Multiple versions of a 2:1 Ratio Team with Ma’Shalled. Excellent entry build into faster clan boss teams but this one is great for the Quick Battle Feature. you need a Debuff Blocker, Counter-attacker, DPS champion and a Cleanser to run this comp along with Ma’Shalled of course.

252 Speed

230-251 Speeds

239 Speed

212 Speeds

191 Speeds

Lydia White Whale

The Lydia White Whale comp is similar to Ma’shalled but with Lydia who came be obtained for free from completing Faction Wars. The speeds are set in place but it works and even Hellhades had a go at this comp in a video so it is tried and tested ready to go! With Lydia, Godseeker (or any Buff Extender), DPS champion, Counter-Attacker and a Cleanser this comp is great for Quick Battles.

268 Speed

255 Speed

Godseeker Aniri

254 Speed

221 Speed

218 Speed

What in the Hellmut

What in the Hellmut is a hard comp to build and you need to have unlocked Archmage Hellmut from the Doom Tower Secret Rooms. You need quite a lot for this comp to work including legendary champion Roshcard the Tower and you need void Epic Warcaster. This comp isn’t affinity friendly and it is fiddly to set up but it is a great comp. The Stun must hit your DPS or the run is ruined.

301 Speed


243 Speed

225 Speed

200 Speed

186 Speed

Myth Heir

Myth Heir is a great comp for the Quick Battle Feature as it requires Epics and rares to make this comp work plus a DPS of your choice but make it one that does a lot of damage! Myth Hier is a full-auto affinity friendly team that uses Demytha’s block damage to stay unkillable. Deacon and Seeker push turn meter to keep speeds low, and Heiress cleanses debuffs while bringing a speed buff.

Achieving 1 key UNM with this team requires high end gear.


274 Speed

245 Speed


169 Speed

Deacon Armstrong

185 Speed

156 Speed

Myth Seeker

Myth Seeker is a great team that works best for Void Clan Boss so if you can get in quick enough then you have a good team comp here. If you add Brogni then you can make it affinity friendly. the team stays unkillable but you need to get Demytha up to 275+ speeds and have relatively good gear then you can achieve the 1 key comp.


276-287 Speeds


179-184 Speeds

179-184 Speeds

169-172 Speeds

145-151 Speeds

Here are our best teams would you add any others? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Joe Marcum August 25, 2023 at 9:00 pm

    So I’m on a iPhone and have no Seeker ? Just pulled FuShan and have Helicath plus Demytha but can’t seem to get UNM 1 key?

  2. Craig Rice January 26, 2024 at 6:26 pm

    I hit all the speeds recommended for the rabbateater comp and made sure the rest of the parameters were met and still can’t get it to work

    • Johnsy Jones March 3, 2024 at 7:46 pm

      Look at your masteries. Nothing with skill cool downs should be used.

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