Maneater is a monster when it comes to enabling Unkillable teams for the clan boss. Bringing both unkillable and block debuffs makes him negate many of the challenges when building a team. There is a vast number of options ranging from easy, budget 1:1 comps all the way to extreme 2:1 and even 3:1 teams. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Maneater.


Unkillable Team utilizing Block Damage (Warcaster, Tower or Sir Nicholas) and Maneater to stay unkillable and affinity friendly


Fast Tower + Skullcrusher Unkillable with a 4:3 champ to increase damage or debuffs.

Man Seeks God

A challenging, but powerful team using Revive on Death mechanics with Maneater to stay unkillable for 50 turns.

High Myth Man

Budget Version of Demytha and Maneater by utilizing High Khatun and slow speeds.

Myth Eater

Maneater and Demytha and 3 dps with one at a 4:3 Ratio.


Hellmut-Seeker-Double ME Unkillable team that doesn't work on Force.

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