Maneater is a monster when it comes to enabling Unkillable teams for the clan boss. Bringing both unkillable and block debuffs makes him negate many of the challenges when building a team. There is a vast number of options ranging from easy, budget 1:1 comps all the way to extreme 2:1 and even 3:1 teams. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Maneater.

Myth Eater

Maneater and Demytha and 3 dps with one at a 4:3 Ratio.


Hellmut-Seeker-Double ME Unkillable team that doesn't work on Force.


2:1 Unkillable with Deacon Armstrong, Pain Keeper, and two Maneaters.


BatEater w/ Ma'Shalled instead of Pain Keeper; Maneaters going at a 5:2

Heaven and Hell

Ma'Shalled 2:1 team using Kymar, Maneater, and Skullcrusher to be unkillable, while Belanor rains holy wrath.

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